Terraria Bloody Tear: Everything You Should Know


Missed the Blood Moon event already? You can resummon it back to your world with the Bloody Tear! Read the guide below to learn everything about the item and where to get it.

You might’ve seen the Blood Moon in Terraria as your first few events aside from the Goblin Invasion. It’s where the surroundings turn into Crimson Red alongside hostiles knocking at your door. Isn’t it both fun and exciting?

After the night, everything will go back to normal. But there are several reasons you should summon the Blood Moon back – one of them is loot items!

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about the Bloody Tear – an item that enables the said event. We’ll also reveal how to get the item in the first place!

Bloody Tear – Overview

Bloody Tear is consumed when you want to initiate the Blood Moon event in Terraria. It only works at nighttime, so doing it in the daytime won’t consume the item nor affect the ongoing event (or begin a new one).

If the sky is clear (new Moon), the next phase it’ll take upon using is Waxing Crescent.

Although you can cast the Bloody Tear anytime, using it where the Frost Moon or Pumpkin Moon event is happening won’t do anything.

It’s noteworthy that the Bloody Tear can change the Moon’s phase. It’s relevant as acquiring phase-dependent content from the Skeleton Merchant is possible with the method.

How to Get a Bloody Tear?

There’s no other source for Bloody Tears to drop aside from event enemies. You must kill them first and shouldn’t be statue-dropped. Otherwise, you won’t get the item.

The following are every mob with their corresponding drop rate. Note that post-Blood Moon will diminish the percentage chance:

  • Common Blood Moon enemies (1%)
  • Blood Eel, Hemogoblin Shark, Wandering Eye Fish, and Zombie Merman (4%)
  • The Clown (10%)
  • The Groom and The Bride (20%)
  • Dreadnautilus (50% on normal, 100% on expert modes)

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