How to Get Worm Food in Terraria (Full Guide 2022)


Do you want to summon the Corruption’s pre-Hardmode boss in Terraria? Read this complete Worm Food guide as we discuss everything about the item!

The Eater of Worlds is one of the few pre-Hardmode bosses you’ll encounter in Terraria. Slaying the monstrosity is a must as it counts for gameplay progression, alongside new weapons and items.

Venture into the Corruption (evil) Biome and start contending against the Eater of Worlds. This Worm Food guide will teach you everything about the item and explain why it’s important.

Worm Food – Overview

The Worm Food is a boss summon item which lets you call the Eater of Worlds at any time of day. One limitation is the vicinity area, where using it outside the Corruption biome won’t do anything. 

However, using it on Crimson worlds is still possible by placing 300 Corruption blocks. Start using the item within the vicinity, and the pre-Hardmode boss will appear.

Obtaining the Worm Food will unlock the achievement Like a Boss.

How to Get Worm Food?

This boss summon item is only available for acquisition through crafting. At a Demon Altar or Crimson Altar, have the following items:

Rotten Chunk drops from Corruptors, Devourers, and Eater of Souls. On the other hand, Vile Powder is acquirable by paying Silver Coin (1) to the Dryad.

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