Terraria Asphalt Block: Everything You Need to Know


Do you want to travel faster in Terraria? How about a movement speed advantage against annoying enemies? Enter the Asphalt Block. We'll reveal everything about the unique in-game block, how to get them, and put helpful tips alongside.

It’s an unwritten rule in Terraria to have an outstanding movement speed for multiple reasons. You may be running away or chasing a monster, unraveling all within your world, and more.

Of course, the idea of equipping speed-altering Accessories may come to you. After all, they give unwavering convenience to your travel. But did you know that an Asphalt Block can offer something similar? Read this guide about the item to learn more!

Asphalt Block – Overview

An Asphalt Block is one of many unique Terraria Blocks. Upon walking on it, you’ll accumulate a considerable speed boost, which stops the running action much faster. In context, the maximum running speed (average) reaches 15 MPH. With no boots, only Asphalt Blocks, you’ll gain a whopping 53 MPH after a three-second delay.

You’ll get a faster running speed when combined with accessories like the Hermes Boots. However, Frostspark Boots remain unaffected, as they’re better off in the Ice Blocks. The same goes for Mounts, but an Asphalt Block still cuts the braking time of a mounted player.

To get the most out of Asphalt Blocks, place one tile over another, and leave the middle empty. Consider equipping Panic Necklace and Lightning Boots, as you can get up to 85 MPH while running on the platform. It’s noteworthy that the speed can outrun several bosses and their projectiles.

Other Important Notes:

  • Only players are affected.
  • Useful in making Skybridges for collecting Fallen Stars.
  • Jumping or falling off from Asphalt Blocks reset your movement speed.
  • Teleporters won’t slow you down even if you run across them.

How to Craft Asphalt Blocks

To make Asphalt Blocks, you’ll need the following item:

  • Stone Block (2)
  • Gel (1)

Combine those items at the Blend-O-Matic. The crafting station costs Gold Coins (10) from the Steampunker. Defeat at least one mechanical boss, and the NPC will spawn in your Town.

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