Terraria: Getting the Shark Tooth Necklace (Full Guide 2022)


Do you need a piece of equipment that ignores your enemy's high defense? Want to optimize damage? Read this FULL guide about the Shark Tooth Necklace as we help you get the item!

Most mechanical bosses in Terraria absorb tons of damage before succumbing to the final blow. It’s frustrating to shoot and swing weapons, waste ammo, and get one hit killed by the entity after all the effort. It’ll be a long journey ahead until you have the best weapons and gears.

High defense guarantees damage reduction, but what if you can slice through their thick hides? The Shark Tooth Necklace functions as that, and we’ll tell you how to get this essential equipment!

Shark Tooth Necklace – Overview

The Shark Tooth Necklace is a piece of equipment that grants you +5 Armor Penetration to all enemies. It’s effective when paired with the Minishark and Bee Gun as they have high fire rates but are low damage weapons. The necklace compensates for an additional armor-piercing effect, making it reliable when contending against Skeletron in pre-Hardmode.

How to Get the Shark Tooth Necklace?

Blood Zombies and Dripplers drop this equipment upon killing them during the Blood Moon. An initial 0.67% chance is guaranteed on the pre-Hardmode difficulty and 1.33% on Hardmode.

Strategically, consider using a Water Candle or consuming a Battle Potion to increase the monster spawning rate. It’ll be bloodshed before getting the rare item!

Item Upgrade

A Shark Tooth Necklace with Honey Comb (1) at the Tinkerer’s Shop will create the Stinger Necklace. It’s similar to its predecessor but with one to three bees that protect you when attacked and Honey Buff that increases life regeneration.

Equipping the two will grant +10 Armor Penetration, which makes slicing through your enemies’ hides easier.

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