10 Best Terraria Character Ideas


There are so many cool Terraria character ideas you could try. In this article, we'll share our favorite ones!

You can use Terraria character ideas to freshen up your experience. Play as Final Fantasy Cloud Strife or mad scientist; the choice is all yours! Although some of these builds are more for a show, they can still enhance your gaming experience.

10 Best Terraria character ideas

1.     Cloud Strife

With this idea, we pay homage to one of the most memorable video game characters, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy. Honestly, Terraria creators beat us to a punch with this one. They’ve already introduced the Breaker Blade, which has the same shape as Cloud’s Buster Sword.

  • Character creation: Blonde spikey hair combined with dark blue/purple clothes.
  • Cosmetics: Kimono somewhat resembles Cloud’s clothing. You might also go with the Fallen Tuxedo collection.
  • Main weapon/armor: Breaker Blade is a must. You can also go with Gi Armor.

2.     Link

Here’s another popular video game character idea that you can try out. Like with Cloud Strife, Terraria creators thought about Zelda’s Link when making vanity sets. This collection of items perfectly matches the character’s clothes. Even if your character doesn’t look right (i.e., he doesn’t have blonde hair and green clothes), Hero Set can fix that. These items change the player’s original hair to resemble Link’s.

  • Character creation: Blonde scruffy hair, white pants, brown boots, green clothes.
  • Cosmetics: Hero Set is the basis of this Terraria character idea.
  • Main weapon/armor: You can use various wooden bows and long swords. A Beam Sword would look nice, for example. Pearlwood Bow can be a nice option for a ranged character. Huntress Armor can serve as a nice replacement before you get these vanity items.

3.      Leatherface/Manhunt

There are several horror movies and games where you have a rampaging killer with a pig’s mask. The first association would be Leatherface, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Piggsy from Manhunt wore something similar.

When you kill a chainsaw-wielding enemy called Butcher (a reference to these psycho killers), you get Butcher’s collection. You can use these vanity items for one of the best Terraria character ideas.

  • Character creation: Just about anything can work. Ideally, try to make your character as gruesome as possible. 
  • Cosmetics: Butcher’s Set is a must.
  • Main weapon/armor: Unfortunately, there are no chainsaws in the game. Instead, you can go with something like Psycho Knife or Bloody Machete. Our favorite choice of weapon is the Ham Bat, giving the character a bit comical appearance.

4.     Pork Lover

If you like meat as much as we do, you’ll also love this collection of items. Pork Lover revolves around Ham Bat, coupled with Butcher’s Set or Chef’s collection. It’s a completely ridiculous concept that you have to try, at least for a bit.

  • Character creation: You can go with just about any character’s appearance. Ideally, you should wear white clothes, so they resemble an apron.  
  • Cosmetics: Butcher’s Set or Chef’ Set.
  • Main weapon/armor: Ham Bat.

5.     Gentleman’s Slap

If you wish to try some of the most ridiculous Terraria character ideas, you should get Slap Hand. You can couple this meme weapon with just about anything creating an absurd effect. It has the highest knockback in the game, pushing enemies to the end of the screen. Be warned; the weapon is extremely weak, so you’ll struggle if you wish to go with this theme.

  • Character creation: As long as the character looks clean and neat, it should be good enough.
  • Cosmetics: Tuxedo Set and Wedding Set are perfect for this type of character. Clown, Princess, Royal, Tax Collector’s, Star Princess, Fabulous (available on certain platforms), and George’s (available on certain platforms) are sets that can also work well.
  • Main weapon/armor: Slap Hand is the focal point of the theme. You can also go with Classy Cane, although the effect is nowhere near as cool. As for the equipment, Dark Artist Armor can work great until you get a proper vanity collection.

6.     Captain America

This build revolves around Sergeant United Shield, a Hardmode boomerang that is the exact replica of Captain America’s shield. Although you might think that this weapon would go best with the Superhero vanity set, this isn’t entirely true. Instead, we’d suggest that you avoid vanity collections altogether and go with some of the badass armors. For example, Cobalt Armor looks good for this particular theme.

  • Character creation: Blonde wavy hair and blue outfit.
  • Cosmetics: Superhero Set is the best option in terms of vanity items. However, I’d avoid it altogether as it does not fit the Captain America theme.
  • Main weapon/armor: Cobalt Armor works the best. You can also try something like Sapphire Robe or Mystic Robe.

7.     Eddard Stark

Winter Cape looks similar to the cape that Sean Bean wore during his brief appearance in Game of Thrones. You can use it for Eddard Stark Terraria cosplay. Just make sure that the character wears black clothing over the rest of his body. Also, it’s much better if the player doesn’t wear any helmet so you can see his long luscious hair.

  • Character creation: Long brown hair with a short beard and black clothes.
  • Cosmetics: Winter Cape is a must for this theme. Ideally, your face should be uncovered. As for the legs, you can go with common dark pants. 
  • Main weapon/armor: You can use just about any big sword for this character idea. However, we think it’s best if you go with Titanium Sword or perhaps even Zenith.

8.     Alien

Space Creature Set is more than an obvious reference to Alien movies. The vanity set is brilliant, and you can use it for one of the best Terraria character ideas. All you have to do is find appropriate weapons that’ll make it look as if you are spitting acid at opponents.

  • Character creation: You can go with anything.      
  • Cosmetics: Space Creature Set is a must. Nothing else will work, whether we are talking about other cosmetics or regular equipment.   
  • Main weapon/armor: The best weapon for this theme is Venus Magnum, as it leaves a green trail resembling Alien’s spit. Terra Blade creates a similar effect, although we don’t like the animation includes green swords. Toxikarp is another nice weapon for the theme, creating acidic bubbles. Lastly, you can also go with Toxic Flask.  

9.     Rainbow Party

If you like to create awesome effects on the screen, you should try going with the Rainbow Party theme. As the name implies, you need one of the three rainbow weapons available in the game to pull off this idea. It’s a silly idea that scales well into the late game.

  • Character creation: You can go with anything.     
  • Cosmetics: Unicorn Set is the obvious choice for the Rainbow Party theme. However, we also like how Capricorn Set looks with these weapons.   
  • Main weapon/armor: For this idea to work, you need to get Rainbow Gun, Rainbow Rod, or Rainbow Crystal Staff. If you cannot find any of the previously mentioned vanity sets, you can also go with Nebula Armor. Although this collection of items does not come close to wearing Unicorn Set, it is a nice replacement until you get it.

10.  Busy Bee

Busy Bee is one of the easiest Terraria character ideas to assemble. You can get all parts of Bee Set pre-Hardmode by killing Queen Bee several times. You also can choose between two different bee-themed weapons, one of which is available relatively early.

  • Character creation: You can go with anything, although we’d recommend having yellow or black skin so that it fits the colors of a bee.
  • Cosmetics: Bee Set includes a hat, a shirt, and pants. If you wish to tinker a bit, you can replace the hat with Queen Bee Mask making you look even more like a bee.    
  • Main weapon/armor: The two main bee-themed weapons in the game are Bee Gun and Wasp Gun. There are also Beenades, but, as they are consumables, you won’t have them all the time.

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