Who is Estee in Terraria and how to get it?


Estee is a pet that follows you around. Unlike the regular summons, it doesn't provide any combat buffs, nor does it illuminate the environment. Nevertheless, many players like having this cute mascot nearby. In this article, we’ll talk about the critter and how to acquire it.

Estee is a small pet in a shape of a star. Like all other creatures from this category, it follows you around, providing companionship. You need Celestial Wand to summon the entity.

Celestial Wand stats and features

Here are the item’s basic stats and effects:

Requires   Bought for 1 platinum from Traveling Merchant
TypePet summon
Sells for20 gold
EffectsGrants Estee buff

If you carefully read the table above, you’ll notice that this pet is categorized as a buff. As soon as you summon it, the Estee icon will appear on the screen.

This cosmetic minion is invulnerable, and it remains active for as long as you live. Alternatively, you can get rid of it by pressing the buff icon. In that regard, it’s similar to other game effects. Another way to remove it is by logging out; the creature doesn’t remain active through several playthroughs.

When purchasing Celestial Wand, you’re not actually purchasing just the tool. Instead, you’re getting the whole Star Princess Set. It consists of Star Princess Dress, Star Princess Crown, and, of course, Celestial Wand. Keep in mind that the set isn’t always available, so you’ll likely have to visit the vendor several times.

All these items have to be equipped in vanity slots to take effect. The only exception is the Celestial Wand, which you can use once and put aside (similar to other tools). The item doesn’t even have to stay in your inventory for summon to remain active.

Who is Estee, and what does it do?

As previously mentioned, this is a small creature in a shape of a yellow star with cute black eyes. It’s continuously changing its shading, becoming brighter or dimmer. According to the developers, the pet is meant to pay homage to Power Stars from Super Mario 64. Estee also resembles Lumas from Super Mario Galaxy.

As for the Star Princess set and Celestial Wand, as a whole, they also reference the world’s most popular plumber. They’re made to look like Rosalina’s outfit. As you can presume, she is also a character from Super Mario Galaxy.

Despite its cute appearance, you can’t expect much from this jovial star. It just goes around, not doing anything to help the main character. When falling or moving at high speeds, the creature leaves a beautiful trail behind it. However, this is only a visual effect and doesn’t have an impact on the gameplay.

Estee is always positioned behind you, just a bit above your head. Although this cosmetic minion looks like a star, it doesn’t shine any light in its vicinity. Like with other cosmetics, you can dye it in different colors. Using Reflective Obsidian Dye will make the summon look like Fallen Star.

Is Estee worth the money?

Whether or not this critter is worth one platinum coin is up to you. We’re big fans of Super Mario and love the references. So much so that a few of our team members only use this pet during their Terraria adventures.

Anyway, if you’ve come to the end of the game and have all these items unlocked, one platinum coin won’t make much of a difference. Even if you don’t like Estee after seeing it in action, we think that the spunky star is worth the try.

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