10 Best Terraria Resource Packs


There are lots of cool Terraria resource packs available online. Most of them can significantly improve your gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll analyze the best ones and will share our opinion about them.

Terraria resource packs are especially great for veterans. If you’ve played this game for years, there’s a good chance things will go stale at one point. Terraria mods can rekindle your love and bring about some crazy changes to the base game.

Before we get into the best add-ons, you should learn how to install them.

Adding Terraria Resource packs to the game

Installing these new features is pretty straightforward:

  • Find an appropriate zip file online and download it.
  • Extract all the files on your desktop.
  • Drag the files to your Terraria/Resource Packs folder located at the designated installation location.
  • Once you open the game, click on the Texture Packs option within the Main Menu.
  • Find the resource pack and click on the red arrow.

10 Best Terraria resource packs

1.     Calamity Texture Pack

Calamity is one of the most comprehensive mods for the game. Even now, the creators still work on it, adding new features regularly. Calamity significantly improves the base graphics while adding numerous new skins for the weapons, armor, and equipment.

For us, this is the best-looking resource pack available online. Even if you’re a new player and are still getting used to the game, it’s worth upgrading to the Calamity Texture Pack. However, the mod works best for veterans who want a refresh of the old content.

Follow this link to the Calamity Texture Pack download page.

2.     Minecraft Texture Pack

As you can guess, most people who like Terraria are also fans of Minecraft. In many ways, these two games are interchangeable, allowing players to experiment by creating magnificent structures and showing them off to friends.

Minecraft Texture Pack alters the graphics so that the game resembles Minecraft. Like the Calamity, this add-on receives continuous updates. Keep in mind that the creators haven’t changed anything within the game; they just updated its appearance.

Follow this link to the Minecraft Texture Pack download page.

3.     Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls

This mod focuses on the appearance of NPCs and monsters. As the name implies, Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls changed numerous hostiles into females. This is especially appealing to the male audience, but I bet that even ladies will find these new enemies to be adorable.

Aside from enemies, the mod changes how the players look. All the in-game characters, including NPCs, have slimmer bodies. This also changes the appearance of armors, making them feel more rugged. The thing we found interesting is that they changed the Karate Tortoise vanity set. Instead of the usual Leonardo, it now features Raphael.

Follow this link to the Slim Terrarians & Monster Girls download page.

4.     Better Ambiance Texture Pack

As the name suggests, Better Ambiance Texture mod makes the world much more vibrant. This is most noticeable when you look at the surface grass and flowers. However, the tiles are also a bit different, having more sprites than previously.

Background also experienced a few changes. It now features more clouds while utilizing several extra colors compared to the vanilla version. The developers also made a few changes to the water as it now looks livelier.

Follow this link to the Better Ambiance Texture Pack download page.

5.     Clockwork Mechs

We are big fans of Clockwork Mechs. It’s a minor mod compared to some others on the list, only affecting the appearance of bosses. They now have additional metallic parts, with a focus on copper, gold, and silver colors. Basically, all the boss enemies now look like something from a steampunk cartoon.

Even if you don’t want to change the basic graphics, we recommend adding these files to the list. It makes the monsters much more menacing, thus improving the overall experience during these tough fights.

Follow this link to the Clockwork Mechs download page.

6.     KATTUI Texture Pack

Although there are a lot of interesting graphic packs for Terraria, there’s nothing quite like the KATTUI Texture Pack. Despite its name, the mod actually focuses on UI improvements. For example, it changes how the health and mana bars look, and instead of stars and hearts, you now get the traditional long bars. This makes it much easier to understand how much health you’ve remaining.

The inventory also experienced lots of improvements. It looks much more polished, and it’s easier to comprehend. Among others, the mod makes it easier to navigate around and discover new parts of the map. You also get controller support and access to new settings.

Follow this link to the KATTUI Texture Pack download page.

7.     Doom Eternal Boss Music Pack

This resource pack is self-explanatory. When going against Terraria bosses, Doom music starts blasting in the background. Although you might think that the concept is silly, it’s the best way to pump your adrenaline in somewhat static Terraria. 

The mod features 12 Doom tracks, which apply to pre-Hardmode and Hardmode bosses. This is definitely one of our favorite resources, and you can use it regardless of your current texture and UI setup.

Follow this link to the Doom Eternal Boss Music Pack download page.

8.     Various custom fonts

Aside from music and textures, you can also tinker a bit with fonts. Although we have no issues with Terraria’s default font, you might want to explore other options. By going to Steam, you can check out different packs including Andalus, Times New Roman, Georgia, Ringbearer, and a few other features.

Follow this link to the Various Custom Fonts download page.

9.     New Age Retro Pack

This particular retro pack takes you back to the time of vanilla Terraria. The best thing about it is that you can combine it with other mods, as it doesn’t clash with other mods and updates.

New Age Retro Pack is ideal for old-school Terraria players who have been with the game from the get-go. It’s an awesome blast from the past, and it also features some old items from the game. Of course, we won’t recommend it to new players.

Follow this link to the New Age Retro Pack download page.

10.  Horrible Bosses Pack

Horrible Bosses Pack is another silly upgrade that changes the appearance of bosses in the game. It can interfere with some other graphic and boss texture mods, so make sure to turn those off while applying this one.

Basically, all the bosses in the game look like hand drawings made by small children. These new models are simply atrocious, which is why you have to try them out. We especially like combining it with Doom music, as it completely alters boss fights. 

Follow this link to the Horrible Bosses Pack download page.

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