Terraria Flinx Fur: How to Obtain, Uses | Full Guide 2022


Do you want to know how to get the Flinx Fur in Terraria? Read this simple guide as we discuss everything about the item!

Regardless of the biome in Terraria, there’s something you can get and use to your advantage. Be it armor, weapon, or boss-summoning item. The possibilities are endless. That fact makes the game survivable no matter where you go.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the Ice biome’s Flinx Fur. You’ll know everything regarding the item, where to farm them, and what the uses are.

Flinx Flur – Overview

This crafting material is a type of monster loot in the Ice biome. The enemy that drops this item is found within the Cavern, with small chances on Snow Blocks, Ice Blocks, and Thin Ice.

Flinx Fur sells for Silver Coin (1), has a Blue rarity, and requires 15 Research Points to duplicate.

How to Get a Flinx Fur?

Defeating Snow Flinxes is the only way of getting the crafting material. It has 50% to 90% of dropping one to three pieces, depending on the difficulty.

Item Upgrades

The following items are what you’ll make using the crafting material:

Item NameMaterialsCrafting Station
Deer ThingCrimtane Ore (5) or Demonite Ore (5)
Flinx Fur (3)
Lens (1)
Crimson Altar or Demon Altar
Flinx Fur CoatGold Bar (8) or Platinum Bar (8)
Flinx Fur (8)
Silk (10)
Flinx StaffGold Bar (10) or Platinum Bar (10)
Flinx Fur (6)
Work Bench

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