The Best Way to Farm the Sniper Rifle in Terraria


The Sniper Rifle is a powerful range weapon you can get in Hardmode, after defeating Plantera. But it may be quite boring and difficult to farm as post-Plantera Dungeon is not a picnic. Be sure to follow this guide if you want to know the fastest and easiest way to get the Sniper Rifle!

What is the Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is the ultimate long-range weapon in Terraria, competing with the Megashark and the Tactical Shotgun. It fires bullets, deals a base of 185 damage and has a strong knockback. It also has a critical chance of about 29 per cent and a “zoom” ability allowing you to extend the view range in a direction before shooting. This ability is similar to the one you get from the Rifle Scope. In return, his rate of fire is very low and it cannot auto-fire.

Sniper Rifle overview
Sniper Rifle overview

What are the best bullets to use

  • Chlorophyte Bullets: globally, this ammunition is very powerful and combines well with all ranged weapons. Indeed, they are automatically directed towards the target and therefore allow you to hit it easily without missing it. This is very useful, especially for a weapon that has a very low rate of fire that you don’t want to miss.
  • Musket Balls: surely the most basic ammunition, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Indeed, they don’t do much damage, but this lack of damage is negligible compared to the very high base damage of the Sniper Rifle. Their advantage is that they are easy to obtain.
  • Crystal Bullets: very useful when there are a lot of enemies because their shards can hurt the enemies around your main target.
  • Luminite Bullets: hard to obtain, but very powerful because they have the best basic damage of all the bullets and because they can pierce multiple enemies.
  • Ichor Bullets: these bullets inflict the Ichor Debuff on enemies decreasing their defence by 15 points, which allows you to deal more damage.

Where to get the Sniper Rifle

You can get a Sniper Rifle by defeating Skeletons Snipers. There is an 8 per cent chance (16 in expert) to drop it from them. Skeletons Snipers start spawning in the Dungeon section with slab walls after defeating the Plantera boss in hardmode.

Terraria Dungeon slab walls

In the picture, you can see the difference between slab walls (on the right) and brick walls (on the left). Skeletons Snipers spawn on the right so you want to farm in areas with such walls.

Easy way to farm the Sniper Rifle

You have many ways to farm Sniper Skeletons for the Sniper Rifle. The hard way is to walk around the Dungeon in sections with slab walls hoping to find Skeletons Sniper and try to kill them. You can do this as a first step. As there is an 8 per cent chance (16 in expert) to drop the Sniper Rifle from the Skeletons Sniper, it’s relatively high and you may drop it after killing a few skeletons.

If doing this is too hard (indeed, post-Plantera Dungeon is hard), you can try to build a kind of small Dungeon farm or Dungeon arena.

First, find an area with slab walls in a Dungeon’s corner. Then, try to remove all traps and shape the area by breaking Dungeon bricks with a powerful pickaxe so that it’s a big area where you can move and fight easily. Finally, just wait some time. Mobs should spawn (including Sniper Skeletons) and you can fight them easily to get your Sniper Rifle after killing a few Sniper Skeletons. If you feel comfortable with farming this way, you can use a Water Candle or consume a Battle Potion to increase the rate at which monsters appear.

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