The Wormhole Potion: One of the best potions in Terraria


The Wormhole Potion is an essential potion to obtain when playing Terraria with friends. Although fairly simple to get, it greatly helps players with map traversal and boss fights.

Terraria provides players with a plethora of different ways to spice up their gameplay. Some of these come in the form of potions. From simple, yet effective health potions, to potions that turn you into a walking glowstick, they are essential to any players’ toolkit.

The Wormhole Potion is one of the most useful potions when playing in a multiplayer world, allowing you to teleport to anywhere your teammates are. This proves especially effective in boss fights, as it allows the player to quickly go back and rejoin the fight after they have been killed.

How can you obtain a wormhole potion?

There are 3 different ways to get your hands on a wormhole potion.

  • By destroying pots scattered around in your world. This is by far the most effective way to obtain wormhole potions.
  • As a drop from killing slimes.
  • Through crafting.

Note: Wormhole potions only drop in multiplayer sessions. However, there only needs to be one person online on the server for them to be able to be dropped.

Crafting a wormhole potion

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An image of the neccesary ingredients and the places you can craft them at

Wormhole Potions can either be crafted at a Placed Bottle or an Alchemy Table. The 3 main ingredients are:

  • Bottled Water
  • Specular Fish
  • Blinkroot

How can you obtain the ingredients?

Bottled water

  • Bottled water can be crafted by using a bottle near a water source/sink.
  • Bottles can be crafted with 1 block of glass at a furnace.
  • Glass can be obtained by crafting 2 of any types of sand at a furnace.

Specular fish:

  • You can obtain this type of fish by fishing in the Forest, Snow and Jungle biomes or the Underground, Caverns, and Underworld layers of your world.


  • Blinkroot is an herb grown on dirt or mud blocks. These herbs are mostly found underground due to the lack of grass blocks.
  • Blinkroot can also be planted on dirt, mud blocks or planters using Blinkroot Seeds, and can also be found in herb bags.

Using the wormhole potion

Note: Both you and the person you want to teleport to have to be in the same team.

A short video on how to use the potion.


  1. Wormhole Potions are very useful in boss fights as they allow the player to teleport back to their teammates after dying.
  2. Wormhole potions can be used to quickly traverse the map.
  3. The fastest way to obtain Wormhole Potions is to destroy pots. Pots are commonly found underground.
  4. Wormhole Potions can be obtained in single player worlds through crafting.

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