Terraria: How to Get the Philosopher’s Stone | Full Guide 2022


Are you tired of waiting for the nasty Potion Sickness debuff’s one minute cooldown? Do you need to consume more of those helpful liquids to defeat bosses? Read this full guide about the Philosopher’s Stone as you’ll need this accessory. Trust us.

When consuming any potion in Terraria, there’ll always be a cooldown. Obviously, this mechanic is made for balancing purposes to avoid abuse. After all, you wouldn’t want another player camping and killing you while they constantly regenerate their health.

If it’s the single-player mode, you’ll need potions constantly – whether facing the Moon Lord or Empress of Light or traveling in the dark caverns. But with the said gameplay mechanic, you can’t spam them even if you have a full stack.

Removing the entire cooldown duration is impossible, but lessening it is possible. That item is the Philosopher’s Stone, and we’ll help you find one. More importantly, you’ll know how it works in the first place.

Philosopher’s Stone – Overview

The Philosopher’s Stone is a Hardmode accessory that cuts the duration of Potion Sickness buffs by 25%. Since the Potion Sickness debuff has one minute cooldown, with the Philosopher’s Stone equipped, you’ll only have to wait 45 seconds. The accessory is beneficial to buy less time when consuming essential potions.

It’s noteworthy that the game updates the cooldown waiting time whenever the Philosopher’s Stone is equipped or unequipped. For example, if five seconds are left, and you’ve unequipped the accessory, the waiting time will be longer and vice versa.

How to Get a Philosopher’s Stone?

The only way to get this accessory is by slaying Mimics. They can be player-spawned, but they’ll only drop Banners. However, if you find one in the wild (disguised as chests), you might get the Philosopher’s Stone.

Item Upgrade

Combining the Philosopher’s Stone (1) and Band of Regeneration (1) at the Tinkerer’s Workshop will result in Charm of Myths. The new accessory offers 0.5 health regeneration per second and reduces the Potion Sickness debuff by 25%.

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