Terraria Soaring Insignia: How to Get, How to Use


Free flights, anyone? The Soaring Insignia might be what you’re looking for! Read this complete guide to learn about the accessory and how to get it in the first place!

Traveling quickly with little delay is what most players in Terraria wish. There are countless options, from Boots that charge your speed to different Wings that can bring you to Space. After all, it’s limitless if the spirit of adventure powers you as a player. Or is it?

Truthful answer: there is. Wings can’t cover an entire small Terraria map. All Boots also stop once the running momentum is halted by an obstacle (blocks usually). Thankfully, there’s a go-to solution, and we’re here to share a little secret.

Introducing the Soaring Insignia – a unique accessory for your travels. In this guide, you’ll know exactly how the item works and how to acquire one to your advantage!

Soaring Insignia – Overview

Little accessories function well in pre-Hardmode, but in Hardmode, there’s the Soaring Insignia. The item is a game-changer for good reasons:

  • Offers +7.5% movement speed
  • Acceleration increased by 75% Infinite flight time
  • Finalizes the jump speed by 1.8
  • Better flight ascend speed for Wings or Rocket Boots
  • Quicker way to reach the maximum movement speed
  • Smoother way of changing directions

The Soaring Insignia’s function sounds promising. However, it’s impossible to fly with the accessory itself. Note: It makes the flight duration of Wings or Boots infinite, not act as one.

Moreover, the bonus doesn’t apply to the following mounts:

  • Bee
  • Book
  • Pigron
  • Rudolph
  • Winged Slime

However, the Flying Carpet will still benefit from all perks except infinite flight. Also, fall damage is still possible while using Rocket Boots, so ride with care!

For Jetpack users, it’s good news that its low flight time is totally negated. But in general, it’s best to pair the Soaring Insignia with any Hovers. You can still do it with Wings if you want, though.

How to Get the Soaring Insignia?

Getting this accessory is possible by defeating the Empress of Light. Afterward, a Treasure Bag will appear (at a 100% rate applicable for Expert and Master Mode).

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