The Best Way to Farm Rotten Chunk in Terraria


At some stage through the game, you will have to farm Rotten Chunk. Indeed, it's a must because you will need it to summon the Eater of Souls, an essential boss to progress in Terraria. With this article, you will discover how you can farm Rotten Chunk easily.

What is Rotten Chunk

Rotten Chunk is a crafting material you will need in the early game. You have a 33% chance to drop it from Eater of Souls, Devourers, and Corruptors. It’s a material used to craft some exciting things such as Worm Food or Mechanical Worm.

These two items are used to summon bosses:

  • Worm Food: used to summon The Eater of Worlds, an early game boss you will need to fight to unlock the Shadow Armor and the Nightmare Pickaxe (used to mine Hellstone and Obsidian).
  • Mechanical Worm: used to summon The Destroyer, an hardmode boss you will need to fight to get Souls of Might. He also drops Hallowed Bars.

Except for these items, Rotten Chunk is used to craft Battle Potion, Leather, Monster Lasagna, Coffin Minecart, and some vanity items.

Rotten Chunk is the Corruption equivalent of Vertebra. An interesting thing to know is that the rotten chunk is also obtainable if your world is a Crimson world because you can spawn Eaters of Souls using a Corrupt Statue. The Rotten Chunk’s drop rate of Eaters of Souls spawned this way is reduced to 0.17%.

How to farm Rotten Chunk efficiently

The Rotten Chunk can be difficult to farm in the early game because Corruption is a rather dangerous biome. Indeed, enemies you find are dealing a lot of damage and may be hard to kill, and there are big holes in this biome. If you fall in one of these and don’t have a grapple you’re surely dead.

You have many ways to overcome these difficulties. To avoid falling into the holes, it can be good to cover them up with platforms, so you can still go below if you want. Doing this, you will have a lot better terrain to fight Eaters of Souls. Another thing you can do is build a Rotten Chunk Farm.

Simple Rotten Chunk Farm

In Terraria, when you want to farm things, you can build things called “Farms”. These are structures allowing you to optimize the farming of something. You can even build AFK farms, allowing you to just leave your screen and drink a cup of coffee while you get resources.

In our case, we will try to build a Rotten Chunk farm. Once it’s built, we will try to make it AFK. This farm will be useful to get Rotten Chunk, money, and the Ancient Shadow Armor.

First, find a place in the Corruption you can flatten easily. Once it’s flattened, you can build something like a small house but you have to let a little hole in the ceiling. Regardless of the size of the building, what will matter is its structure. It is necessary to hammer the edges to form slopes on the sides. You should get something like in the picture below.

Simple Rotten Chunk Farm

As you see, this farm is very simple and easy to set up. It’s not very efficient because you have to kill Eaters of Souls manually, but it’s a good start. To kill them, you can use something like a yoyo ranged range weapon to shoot through the small hole. Remember to cover the holes around with platforms so that you don’t lose resources when killing Eaters of Souls which are above a hole.

AFK Rotten Chunk Farm

To make our farm AFK, we will use lava. You can get lava early in the game because all you need is a hole going to hell and a bucket. To create the hole, you just have to mine and to get the bucket you have to craft it from Any Iron Bar at an Anvil. Once you get the bucket and the hole, you can go very deep into the Underground and find lava.

Now, you can fill in the hole in the ceiling and add blocks to prevent lava from flowing to the sides. You can shape them with a hammer to make slopes.

Terraria Rotten Chunk Farm

As you can see in the picture, Eaters of Souls are coming, they go up the slopes, and once at the top, they are directed downwards to bump into the lava and instantly die. You will also notice that I have optimized this farm a little better because I have added slopes to prevent Eaters of Souls from getting stuck.

More Optimization

This farm can still be optimized. First, check if some Eaters of Souls get stuck somewhere around your farm and either fill in the holes where they get stuck, or add slopes. Then, what can be optimized is the spawn rate of Eaters of Souls

To optimize it, you can craft Battle Potions. Once consumed, they grant the Battle buff doubling enemies’ spawn rate and doubling the max number of enemies that can be on screen at the same time. You can craft them with Deathweed (you find it in the Corruption) and Rotten Chunk (you get it from our wonderful farm).

You can also use a Water Candle. It’s a candle you can place in the house to give you a debuff increasing spawn rate by 33% and increasing the max amount of enemies on screen by 50%.

So the best way to optimize our farm is to combine these two buffs to increase enemies’ spawn rate and max number of enemies on screen at the same time a lot. Also, make sure the farm isn’t habitable because if an NPC comes here, it will significantly reduce the enemies’ spawn rate.

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