Demon Eye: An Iconic Terraria Enemy


When beginning Terraria, you can find the game a bit difficult. Indeed, there are some enemies making your life harder, such as Zombies or Demon Eyes. After reading this article, you will know everything there is to know about Demon Eyes and you will know how to fight them easily


Demon Eyes are among the first enemies you will encounter when starting the game. They are flying enemies appearing on most Surface biomes at night, with an increased spawn rate during the new moon.

When they see you, they will begin to chase you. They bounce off blocks and they have a slow turn rate when they change direction. When you hit them with a weapon causing knockback, they will change their trajectory.

They have a 33% chance to drop a Lens, and a 1% chance to drop a Black Lens.

Sometimes, larger than normal Demon Eyes may appear. Larger Demon Eyes are slower but they have more health, defense, and knockback resistance, and they deal more damage. Smaller Demon Eyes are faster, making them harder to it.

There are a lot of Demon Eyes variants, from Cataract Eyes to Dilated Eyes, to Purple Eyes… There are also 2 Halloween such as Owl Demon Eyes and Spaceship Demon Eyes. Each variant has its stats for health, defense, knockback resistance, damage, and the number of coins dropped when killed.

Demon Eyes drops

They have a 33% chance to drop a Lens. It’s a common crafting material that can also be dropped from Wandering Eyes (the hardmode equivalent of Demon Eyes).

Lenses are used in many recipes. Most of them are boss-summon items such as the Deer Thing to summon the Deerclops, or the Suspicious Looking Eye used to summon the Eye of Cthulhu, the first boss you’re supposed to fight in Terraria.

Demon Eye Lens uses

They can be used to craft other items such as the Archery Potion which is a potion granting you increased arrow damage and velocity by 20%, or the Optic Staff which is a summoner weapon used to summon a miniature version of The Twins to fight with you.

Demon Eyes and Wandering Eyes also have a 1% chance to drop a Black Lens. Black Lenses are also used to craft the Optic Staff and can be used to craft Sunglasses (a vanity item).

Demon Eyes Black Lens sunglasses

How to farm Demon Eyes

There are many ways to farm Demon Eyes efficiently due to their behavior and the fact that they bounce off when they hit a block.

First, if you’re chased by these enemies and want to escape, you can just go underwater. They cannot reach you if you’re completely submerged while you can hit them using ranged weapons or even melee weapons such as broadsword.

You can also hide behind walls with an upside-down L shape. Demon Eyes will bounce off the wall and you will be able to hide behind without them able to come in.

If you’re a beginner and want to kill them easily, you can just use ranged weapons such as the Wooden Bow in the early game, or spear-type weapons like the basic Spear. If you’re more advanced, you can use a sword and try to trap them. Indeed, when they get hit, they change direction, so you can use this behavior to trap them in your sword’s range.

The last way to kill them easily can be to build a kind of horizontal tunnel. You put some lava in it (not too much else their drops will burn) and you build a small room for yourself in this tunnel. When they will come, they will bounce between the ceiling and the floor and will die because of lava.

This farm is much more efficient during the Blood Moon or the new moon because it increases Demon Eyes’ spawn rate. If you want to farm Lens or Black Lens, it’s the most efficient way to do it. You can also combine this with a Water Candle (an item you can find in the Dungeon or craft granting you a buff increasing enemies’ spawn rate) or a Battle Potion to further increase their spawn rate.

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