Getting the Mechanical Lens in Terraria (Full Guide 2022)


Want an extra convenience to better control when working with Wires and other Mechanisms? Read this complete, easy guide about the Mechanical Lens and learn where to get one!

When building traps for mobs or farms for different items, it’s convenient to see the overview of your soon-to-be masterpiece. With Wires invisible when not holding a mechanism-related item signifies a slight difficulty. However, what if it’s possible to make everything look and feel easier?

The Mechanical Lens is one of many informational accessories in Terraria that provides such convenience. Whatever experiment you’re doing with Wires, make sure to bring one! This guide will cover everything about the item, where you can get it, and its potential for a better upgrade!

Mechanical Lens – Overview

Although not necessary to equip (counted in the inventory), the Mechanical Lens helps players reveal Wires. It’s a good item for building mechanisms, especially when detecting hidden traps in the Dungeon or Jungle Temple. It’s an excellent add-on for building something or disarming hostile death traps. Don’t forget to bring The Grand Design and Wire Cutter!

Note that modifiers won’t apply unless equipped. Moreover, the social slot will block its functionality.

In Multiplayer, its utility is shared with nearby players.

The Mechanical Lens sells for Silver Coins (20).

How to Get a Mechanical Lens?

This item is available from the Mechanic for Gold Coin (1). There’s no known way aside from the merchant.

Item Upgrade

A more advanced version of this informational accessory is The Grand Design. You can craft it at the Tinkerer’s Workshop with Mechanical Lens (1), Multicolor Wrench (1), Ruler (1), and Wire (60).

The Grand Design lets you manipulate mechanisms as long as it’s on the screen.

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