Necro Armor: The Best Pre-Hardmode Range Armor


Do you want a good armor to play ranged in early hardmode? The Necro Armor is for you, as it's the best pre-hardmode ranged armor you can get in Terraria.


The Necro Armor is a ranged armor. It consists of three pieces: the Necro Helmet, the Necro Breastplate, and the Necro Greaves.

Necro Armor Terraria

The whole set gives you 19 defense (16 on Old-gen console, Windows Phone, and 3DS versions) and a 10% chance not to consume ammo (20% on Old-gen console, Windows Phone, and 3DS versions). In addition, each piece of armor increases ranged damage by 5%, so the whole armor increases your ranged damage by 15%.

You will need a total of 135 Cobwebs and 150 Bones to craft the whole set.

The Necro Helmet is interchangeable with another helmet: the Ancient Necro Helmet. You can swap them without losing the full set bonus. These two helmets are almost identical. You can drop the Ancient Necro Helmet from Angry Bones and Dark Casters in the Dungeon. The drop rate is rather rare as you have a 1/450 (0.22%) chance of dropping it.

When you wear the full set, there is a cool afterimage effect appearing when you run, similar to the one of the Shadow Armor. It also replaces the sound you make when you take damage with the one of a Skeleton.

Necro Armor afterimage effect

This armor is one of the two ranged armor you can get pre-hardmode. The other one is the Fossil Armor. This armor provides the highest offensive bonuses you can get pre-hardmode.

Get the Necro Armor easily

To get the Necro Armor, you will have to farm a lot of Bones and Cobwebs.

To get a lot of Cobwebs, you can just explore the Underground as it is populated with a lot of Cobwebs alongside the edges of walls and ceilings. You will find them in clusters of 5 or more. Another way to get a lot of Cobwebs is to go to Spider Caves. Here you will find large quantities of Cobwebs but they don’t drop every time you break them. There is only a 25% chance to drop when broken but as there are a lot of Cobwebs it’s not a problem. Just be careful because enemies found here can be dangerous (Wall Creepers in pre-hardmode).

To get a lot of Bones, you will have to farm the Dungeon mobs. You get them from Angry Bones, Dark Casters and Cursed Skulls. You can only get Bones after defeating Skeletron as these mobs won’t spawn before.

It may be hard to farm the dungeon in pre-hardmode. To make farming simpler, you can try to break all the traps you find in the Dungeon. You can also remove all Water Candles as they improve the monsters’ spawn rate and the maximum number of monsters which can be on screen at the same time (it will be easier to farm without Water Candles but it will also be longer).

If you want to also get the Ancient Necro Helmet which is an extra part of the Necro Armor, the farming is the same as the Bones farming because you drop it from Angry Bones and Dark Casters. Eventually you will drop it while you’re farming bones.


There are some tips to know about the Necro Armor.

First, the set bonus stacks with other ammo conservation bonuses. That’s why it is useful to use the Necro Armor in combination with the Minishark. You can also stack it with the Ammo Box (you get it from the Traveling Merchant). The last thing you can do to optimize the ammo conservation bonus is to use an Ammo Reservation Potion (you craft it from a Bottled Water, a Double Cod and a Moonglow).

Then, it’s useful to know that if you have some Bones and Cobwebs in surplus, making Necro Helmet will grant you the most money.

Finally, in the Drunken World seed, you can get the Necro Armor before defeating any bosses. It can be a great help as this armor is very powerful if you get it early and you will destroy the pre-hardmode enemies.

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