The 8 Best World Seeds in Terraria


Want to discover awesome Terraria worlds? World seeds are for you. Be sure to read this article completely to know everything about world seeds and to discover some wonderful seeds.

What is a world seed?

Seeds are values made of characters that are used as a basis for generating every Terraria world. Each world has a unique seed. You can find seeds through the world’s menu by hovering over the seed icon of a world.

Find a Terraria World Seed

Seeds in detail

You already know each generated Terraria world is different. You can check all your worlds, each one will have a different seed even though there is a pattern. Indeed, the seed can be decomposed that way: [size].[difficulty].[world evil].[identifier]. We will check each of these parameters:

  • Size: 1 if the world is Small, 2 if the world is Medium, 3 if the world is Large.
  • Difficulty: 1 if world difficulty is Classic, 2 if it is Expert, 3 if it is Master, 4 if it is Journey.
  • World evil: 1 if the world is a Corruption world, 2 if it is a Crimson world.
  • Identifier: the random part of the seed, which is unique and gives an “identity” to the world.

If you create two worlds with the same identifier but a different difficulty, world evil, or size, they will be very similar even though we may think a small world can’t really be similar to a small world for example.

Create a world from a seed

A powerful feature of World Seeds is that you can use them to create identical worlds. To do it, go to the worlds menu and create a new world. You will see a “Seed” field. Click on it.

Create a world from a Terraria World Seed

Then you will be able to enter a seed. Once it’s done, you can click on “Create” and a new empty world will be generated using the world seed provided.

Best Terraria 1.4 World Seeds

Drunken world

This world seed will allow you to see one of the weirdest worlds in Terraria. First, there are a lot of biomes close to the spawn as an Ice Biome, the Jungle Biome, a small Desert, etc…

This world features also both a Crimson Biome and a Corruption Biome which is normally impossible aside once you get a Clentaminator in hardmode. If you want to do everything you can in the game in the same world (as defeating the Brain of Cthulhu and the Eater of Worlds for example), this seed is good for you.

It also features other strange things such as a Dungeon buried underneath the ground you can access from a Living Tree and a lot of Living Trees in the same places.

Weirdest World Seed Terraria

The seed is “”.

A beginner’s seed

This world seed just generates a world where there are a lot of useful things near the spawn. There are two floating islands not far from the spawn and also a Granite Biome which can be hard to explore in early, but where you can find useful items.

The seed is “”.

Bees’ world

Another strange world seed as all the Stone Blocks have been replaced by Hive Blocks, Water has been replaced by Honey, the Dungeon is yellow, and a lot more. You may find things like Larvas in the overworld.

This world is a reference to a 2006 film: The Wicker Man.

The seed is “Not the bees”.

image 20


If you’re looking for a challenge, this world seed is for you. It increases the difficulty of Terraria because you will encounter things such as enemies with increased health and damage, water replaced with lave, exploding bunnies, and a lot more.

The seed is “for the worthy”.


On May 16, 2021, Terraria celebrated its 10th anniversary. Players got this world seed which adds some crazy changes to the world. First, the game starts with a party celebrating the 10th birthday of Terraria.

Then, you can explore this world to find a lot of colored objects, painted locations, unique enemies, rare items…

The world also doubles the chances to find a Developer’s Set.

The seed is “celebrationmk10”


This seed was made in conjunction with the collaboration event between the Don’t Starve franchise and Terraria. It implements in the game many mechanics from Don’t Starve as hunger or light levels, making the game completely different (you must eat and low light can kill you). You can drop Don’t Starve-related items with a higher chance. There is also a kind of shader effect giving off a gloomy vibe.

If you’re a fan of Terraria and a fan of Don’t Starve, you will enjoy this seed a lot!

The seed is “constant”.


This map gives you access to two of the required items to craft the Zenith late game.

First, you can find a Starfury. It is a sword that makes stars fall from the sky at the cursor’s position. To find it, walk towards the east until you find the Crimson Biome. An island containing a Starfury is just above the start of the area.

You can then find an Enchanted Sword which is a good sword to start the game. Just walk out the door and dig straight down to find a shrine.

The seed is “iwonthelottery”.

The very good seed

Are you looking for an early powerful summoning weapon? Just try this seed! You can find a Finch Staff (a summoning weapon you can use to summon a baby finch to fight for you) with a good prefix and a Sunflower Minecart (a very rare item).

You can also find a surface gold chest towards the Living Tree on the opposite side of the map. The last thing: go down the leftmost one to find a heart crystal and follow the minecart tracks with your Sunflower Minecraft to find 2 more in the Underground Desert Biome.

The seed is “thisisaverygoodseed”.


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