Awesome Tips For Getting Adamantite Ore in Terraria


Adamantite Ore in Terraria is one of the best resources available in Hardmode. Read this guide to learn more about its extraction and the items you can make out of it.

Adamantite Ore in Terraria is level 11 ore. The only two better minerals in the game are Chlorophyte and Luminite. When you smelt the ore into Adamantite Bars, you gain access to Adamantite Armor. With necessary ingredients, you can even create Frost Armor, Forbidden Armor, and a few other powerful weapons and tools.

Researching Adamantite Ore in Terraria requires an investment of 100 ore pieces. If you wish to research Adamantite Bars, you will need 25 items. Adamantite Ore and Adamantite Bars are orange rarity resources. They are on the same level as Titanium Ore.

How to extract Adamantite  Ore in Terraria?

Crimson and Demon Altars will spawn in the game when you eliminate the Wall of Flesh. They come in sets of three, and the destruction of the third altar creates Adamantite Ore in the ground. Otherwise, the first altar spawns Cobalt or Palladium Ore, and the second altar spawns Mythril or Orichalcum Ore.

You need an item that has 80% or more hammer power to demolish the structure (Pwnhammer).Once you destroy the first set of three altars, you can continue the process with the second set, third set, etc. Each time you destroy a new set of altars, the amount of ores that spawn in the ground will be progressively lower.

Adamantite Ore in Terraria appears in the Cavern biome. You can also get it once you kill Ocram (100% chance to get 10 to 38 pieces). Like a few other top-tier minerals, you might get the ore from random crates. Adamantite Ore in Terraria can be a bit hard to spot as it has a similar color to the surrounding terrain.

To extract this mineral, you need a drill or a pickaxe that has 150 or more power. That is, you will need Mythril Pickaxe or Drill and Orichalcum Pickaxe or Drill. The player can sell the ore for 15 silver and Adamantite  Bars for 60 silver.

How to use Adamantite  Ore?

You can use Adamantite Ore for Adamantite Bars, Adamantite Beams, and Adamantite Forge.

Adamantite Beams

The recipe requires:

  • Stone Block
  • Adamantite Ore
  • Furnace

Adamantite Beams are a construction material that you can use for your home.

Adamantite Forge and Adamantite Bars

You will need a total of 174 Adamantite Bars to create all Adamantite items in the game. But, before you can start making these objects, make sure to create Adamantite Forge with the following ingredients:

  • Hellforge
  • Adamantite Ore (30 pieces required)
  • Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil

It is worth noting you can also create these bars with Titanium Forge. Here are the ingredients for Adamantite Bars:

  • Adamantite Ore (4 pieces required)
  • Adamantite Forge

Adamantite Bars can be used for a plethora of high-tier items. Almost all of them require Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil as the crafting station, except for Lihzahrd Power Cell, which uses Work Bench. Here is everything you can make with the Adamantite:

  • Tonbogiri
  • Tizona
  • Vulcan Repeater
  • Lihzahrd Power Cell
  • Suspicious Looking Skull
  • Frost Helmet
  • Frost Leggings
  • Frost Breastplate
  • Forbidden Robes
  • Forbidden Treads
  • Forbidden Mask
  • Adamantite Headgear
  • Adamantite Leggings
  • Adamantite Mask
  • Adamantite Helmet
  • Adamantite Breastplate
  • Adamantite Drill
  • Adamantite Pickaxe
  • Adamantite Chainsaw
  • Adamantite Glaive
  • Adamantite Waraxe
  • Adamantite Repeater
  • Adamantite Sword

Aside from Adamantite Armor and Adamantite Pickaxe, you should also make Lihzahrd Power Cell and Suspicious Looking Skull. These items allow you to summon Ocram and Golem, powerful Terraria bosses. Tonbogiri, Tizona, and Vulcan Repeater are also very nice, but you will eventually replace them as the game goes on.

Keep in mind that the list of available items varies based on the platform on which you are playing Terraria. 

Adamantite  Armor

Adamantite Amor is a default armor that you can make with Adamantite Bars. It has three versions geared toward different types of combat.

Depending on the headgear that you are using, you get different set bonuses. For example, Adamantite Headgear provides 19% reduced mana usage, and Adamantite Helmet gives a 20% increase to your melee and ranged speed. Lastly, Adamantite Mask gives a player a 25% chance not to use ammunition when shooting ranged projectiles.

The whole set gives you 32, 36, or 50 defense, depending on the head item you are using. Individual items provide extra effects, so you get 8% extra damage with Adamantite Breastplate, 7% increased critical chance, and 5% extra movement speed with Adamantite Leggings.

The best thing about Adamantite Armor is that you can use its pieces to craft Dragon Armor, Titan Armor, and Spectral Armor. Although these are not the best armors in the game, they are relatively easy to assemble compared to the best sets.

Frost Armor

Frost Armor is an advanced version of Adamantite Ore armor that provides bonuses to melee and ranged characters. It increases the damage of these two classes by 10% and also adds a frostburn/frostbite effect (depending on the platform) to basic hits.

The whole set gives a total of 43 defense. You also gain 11% extra physical damage, 11% extra ranged and melee critical chance, 10% extra melee attack speed, and 8% extra movement speed from individual parts.

Forbidden Armor

Forbidden Armor is Frost Armor’s caster counterpart. When wearing the set, the Forbidden Sign appears behind the player. By double tapping up or down, you can summon a dust tornado to punish nearby foes. On top of that, there is also a dim light around Forbidden Sign providing some extra vision in the dark.

Forbidden Armor gives the player 26 defense. Individual pieces also provide 35% extra magic damage and 15% extra summon damage. You get 2 more slots for minions and 80 mana on top of that.

Other notable Adamantite items

Here are other cool Adamantite items you can craft:

  • Suspicious Looking Skull (allows you to summon Ocram boss)
  • Lihzahrd Power Cell (allows you to summon Golem boss)
  • Tonbogiri (50 damage melee weapon, 4% critical strike chance, 6.5 knockback, 15 use time, 5.6 velocity, and poison debuff)
  • Tizona (55 damage melee weapon, 4% critical strike chance, 5 knockback, 25 use time, and bleeding debuff)
  • Vulcan Repeater (56 damage ranged weapon, 4% critical strike chance, 2.5 knockback, 17 use time, 15 velocity, and transforms ammunition into Vulcan Bolts)

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