How To Make a Castle in Terraria?


Creating Terraria castle is easier than you might think. In this guide, we’ll share a few tips on how to make this magnificent construction with minimal effort.

To make a castle in Terraria, you don’t need hours and hours of work. If you have enough materials, you can whip it up in one afternoon. The great thing about building a Terraria castle is that you can build it with just stone, adding silver and platinum here and there. Of course, you’ll also need a lot of Wood.

Unlike some other types of popular Terraria homes, castles are pretty straightforward. There are numerous items you can use for decoration, and you’ll never be short of ideas.

The basic materials for castle in Terraria

The simplest way to create a Terraria castle is by mining a lot of Stone Blocks. You could turn them into Gray Bricks that are much more visually appealing. This would serve for exterior walls. As for the background walls, you should go with plain Gray Brick Walls.

In theory, Silver Bricks, Silver Brick Walls, Platinum Bricks, and Platinum Brick Walls are also great materials. However, they are much harder to acquire. Gold Bars are crucial for King’s and Throne Room, and Treasury. You will also use various Iron Bars for crafting stations.

Wood is another resource that you’ll constantly use. The simple Wood works well, but you might also consider getting some Rich Mahogany. We also like Dynasty Wood for certain sections. You also need Cobweb that you’ll turn into Silk. Torches are necessary for all sources of light.

castle rooms and room layout

To put it simply, the number of areas will depend on your personal preferences. You can create a 5-room castle, or you can create a structure with 20. In our opinion, these are the most common areas that every castle needs:

  • Throne Room
  • Treasury
  • Armory
  • Guards’ Room
  • Blacksmith
  • Wizard’s Room
  • Apothecary Room
  • Ballroom
  • King and Queen’s Room
  • Catacombs
  • Corridors connecting all these rooms

We’ll now break down each of these rooms, talking about items you might consider adding.

Throne Room

You need to place the Throne Room in the center of the castle. It should be the largest area within the structure. The throne or thrones should be placed on a slightly elevated surface (two to three blocks up). You can also place Queen and King Statues nearby.

Do not save on lighting within it. Add at least four Chandeliers. We suggest something like Gold Chandelier to demonstrate opulence. Although this might sound strange, Honey Chandelier might also work well in this case. No matter what, avoid gray colors as they might meld with the background.

You can also place Obsidian Vases on blocks suspended in the air. Paintings are a must for the Throne Room. We’d also put several Banners between the Paintings. 


Treasury should be rather simplistic. The room should be adjacent to the Throne room and not particularly big. You can fill it up with Gold Coins, put different bars in it, and a few Golden Chests. Install Wooden Platforms and put various vases and decorative gold items on them.

Like the Throne Room, you can place various Paintings and a Safe on Treasury walls.


You need to fill the Armory with Sword, Spear, and Helmet Racks. You can also use Weapon and Item Racks to suspend high-tier armor and weapons on its walls. The good idea is to create upward stairs on both sides of the Armory leading to the Guard’s Room.

Unlike the Throne Room, Armory should have Hanging Braziers and Tiki Torches as the main sources of light. You should also add a few Crates and Barrels. If you wish, you can have a separate training space for knights. Put a Training Dummy or two in this area.

Guards’ Room

As mentioned, it is crucial to connect Armory and Guard’s Room. Most importantly, this area should have several beds. Make sure to create a Wooden Table (or Bar) with two Wooden Chairs on both sides. Place minor decorative items on it, such as Bowls and Mugs. You can also put a Keg nearby.

Guard’s Room can also feature a Hat Rack. Add Banners and Hanging Braziers on the walls. It can also feature a Sword or a Spear Rack, but it should have less than the Armory. We’d also add a Fireplace between the Wooden Table and the Keg.


Blacksmith should be on ground level or perhaps below ground level. It should be in the most secluded part of the Terraria castle.

The most important thing about the Blacksmith is to use less light compared to other areas of the castle. You can place just one Torch or Hanging Brazier nearby. Put a Furnace and an Iron/Steel Anvil close to each other. You might also consider adding a Heavy Work Bench and a Sharpening Station a bit further from Anvil and Furnace.

We also like the idea of having Ebonwood or Shadewood Work Bench nearby. You can add a Blacksmith Rack and perhaps a Carpentry Rack.

Wizard’s Room

Ideally, you can position Wizard’s Room with a terrace in the upper sections of Terraria Castle. It should be somewhat larger than the other areas. In one corner, make sure to add a Skyware Bed, Skyware Table, and Skyware Chair. Skyware Bookcase, Skyware Candle, and Skyware Dresser would also be nice.

Wizard’s Room also requires an Alchemy Station, a Placed Bottle, and a Cooking Pot/Cauldron. To make it a bit fancier, consider putting a Teapot and a Teacup on the table. You can also place additional Wooden Platforms for Books.

Apothecary Room

Apothecary Room should be placed on mid-level or upper-level of the Terraria castle (across Wizard’s ). Unlike the Wizard’s Room, all the furniture inside should be made from Living Wood. Having some critter statues is a great idea, as it would allow the spawning of little animals.

Daybloom Planter Box is one of the defining features of this space. You should also add stuff like Hanging Herbs, Potted Crystal Plants, Hanging Pots, and Seaweed Planter. Make sure to add a few Wooden Platforms where you will place Dragonfly Jars, Butterfly Jars, and Fairy Jars. Like Wizards Room, this area can feature a Bookcase and a Cooking Pot/Cauldron.


The Ballroom’s ideal placement is in the central, mid-level of Terraria castle. This should be one of the longer areas within the structure. Place various Paintings and Banners in it. The Ballroom should have the same type of Chandeliers as the Throne Room.

Put a Fireplace in the center and add a Golden Piano with a Candle on top of it. You might also consider adding a Golden Sofa or two if it does not feel too stuffy.

King and Queen’s Room

Place King’s and Queen’s Room on the highest floor. Put it between Wizard’s and Apothecary’s Rooms. It should be much larger than the other sections of the castle. Make sure to place several items from Golden Furniture set in it.

Use the same Chandeliers as in other luxurious rooms. Golden Bed, Golden Dresser, and Golden Work Bench would look fantastic here. We also like the idea of having an adjacent toilet, which could feature items such as a Golden Bathtub, Golden Sink, etc.

This is one of the rare areas where you should feature different walls. Glass Wall and White Dynasty Wall are good choices. You should also place two Banners on the walls.


We haven’t seen many Terraria castles with Catacombs. However, this is too good of an idea to pass by. The room should be situated below the ground level. You could possibly dig a bit deeper and connect Catacombs with a flight of stairs.

To create a spooky feeling, make sure to add just one or two Skull Lanterns or even basic Torches. Potentially, you could use a darker wall such as Smooth Granite Wall. This would make it look muskier. Place a few Catacomb items within this space.

Consider adding Armed Zombie Statue, Bat Statue, or Bone Skeleton Statue to spawn monsters.

Corridors connecting all these rooms

Lastly, you should add corridors between the rooms. They will make the castle feel less stuffy. These spaces should be as simplistic as possible, featuring only Braziers and occasional Banners. You can also create windows by placing Stone Blocks in the right shape and not putting walls behind them.

If you wish, you might also consider creating your own personal area. It would serve as the spawning point for your character.

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