The Amazing Dragon Ball Terraria Mod


Could you just imagine how fun killing bosses with Kamehameha in Terraria could be? Dragon Ball Terraria Mod is a mod allowing you to do this and much more as it implements Dragon Ball’s universe in Terraria. Be sure to read this article to know everything about this wonderful mod!

Dragon Ball Terraria Mechanics


The base Dragon Ball Terraria mod mechanic is « Ki ». Ki is a resource linked to the player, as mana or health. Ki is displayed as a coloured bar you can move freely everywhere on your screen. It is consumed when using Ki weapons, flying, sustaining transformation, and using Instant Transmission (we’ll see everything in detail after).

Ki coloured bar
As you can see, Ki is displayed as a colored bar at the top of the screen

It has several ways of recovering :

  • Manually: using your charging Ki’s key (default: C).
  • Passively: some accessories, armors, and buffs can give you passive Ki generation. There are also items called « Ki Scrolls » which can permanently increase the amount of Ki recovered over time.

Maximum Ki can be permanently increased by consuming Ki Fragments. There are 5 types of Ki Fragments and each type can be consumed only once. They drop from bosses at a 25% rate.

There are also armors and accessories you can use to increase maximum Ki.

By default, your maximum Ki is 1000.


Flight Dragon Ball mod

Flight is a Dragon Ball Terraria mod mechanic allowing you to move through the air at the cost of Ki. To begin flying, just type your Flying’s key (default: Q) and move in any direction to fly towards it. Charging Ki while flying acts as a boost and increases your movement speed, but also increases the Ki consumption. Base consumption is 240 Ki/s which increases to 300 Ki/s while boosting.

To unlock flight, you have to craft Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 1 – Chorus Aeria. It’s a consumable item granting you the ability to fly. What is good is that you can get this item very early in the game. Then as you will go further in the game, you will have the possibility to get items related to flight to upgrade the mechanic, unlock powers or reduce the cost of Ki.


Transformations are one of the main features of the Dragon Ball Terraria mod. They are buffs increasing a lot Ki damage (and a bit other damage types) at the cost of a constant Ki drain. They also increase defense and movement speed. The appearance of the player changes when he’s transformed.

To enable a transformation, you just have to press your Transform key. When a transformation is active, the player accumulates Mastery. When Mastery is at 100%, the Ki drain induced by the transformation is reduced.

There are a lot of transformations and some of them are only accessible if the player has the Legendary Trait (we’ll talk about traits just after). You unlock transformations successively, mastering the previous one and defeating bosses. The first one is unlocked once you defeat Skeletron and die repeatedly to bosses with a 5% chance to revive as a Super Saiyan 1. Unlocking the transformation is guaranteed on the fourth dead.

Here is the list of all transformations:

  • Super Saiyan 1
  • Ascended Super Saiyan
  • Ultra Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Super Saiyan Blue
  • Super Saiyan Rosé
  • Legendary Super Saiyan (requires Legendary Trait)
  • Legendary Super Saiyan 1 (requires Legendary Trait)
  • Legendary Super Saiyan 2 (requires Legendary Trait)


Kaioken is a special Dragon Ball Terraria mod transformation as it is unlocked with items. It drains health instead of Ki and boosts damage while reducing defense. It also increases speed. You drop Kaioken items from bosses.

Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls are objects you can find anywhere on the map. There are 7 Dragon Balls and if you find them all you can be granted a wish. A wish is a special effect affecting the player. Some wishes have limited uses. There are 5 wishes:

  • Power: Increases all damage by 10% and gives the player +20 health and +500 max Ki. Can be used 5 times.
  • Wealth: Gives the player 10 platinum coins and a Lucky Coin. Unlimited uses.
  • Immortality: Gives the player the ability to survive the next 3 times he would normally die. Can be used 1 time.
  • Genetic Reroll: Gives the player a random Trait. Unlimited uses.
  • Awakening: Gives the player the next transformation in his progression. Unlimited uses.

Dragon Balls may be found anywhere on the map, making them hard to find. Fortunately, you can craft radars allowing you to have an indication of where are Dragon Balls. There are 3 radars with different accuracies. The worst of them stop working at 80 blocks from a Dragon Ball.


In Dragon Ball Terraria mod, Traits are characteristics innate to a player. They grant unique aspects to Transformations. You get traits either randomly at character creation or using a Genetic Reroll wish. There are two traits:

  • Prodigy: allows the player to master transformations faster.
  • Legendary: double player’s maximum Ki. Allows unlocking legendary transformations.

Instant Transmission

Instant Transmission is a Dragon Ball Terraria mod allowing you to teleport. You can teleport to NPC, players, Ki Beacons, or just freely. To teleport, you just have to press the key Instant Transmission is bound to. You can unlock Instant Transmission with consumable items you drop from bosses or craft in hardmode.

The first tier is basic teleportation allowing you to teleport to NPC, players, or Ki Beacons (Ki Beacons are crafted using teleporters). The second tier allows you to teleport anywhere, but it is crafted using Rod of Discord and Souls of Sight. The last one can be crafted post-Moon Lord.


There are a lot of useful items in the Dragon Ball Terraria mod. We will cover the most important ones such as accessories, weapons or armors. Just now there are a lot more, as furniture or consumables.

Crafting materials

To build most of the Dragon Ball Terraria mod items, you will need the following items in pre-hardmode:

Item nameAvailabilityHow to get it
Stable Ki CrystalNo requirementsDropped from Forest, Snow, and Desert enemies
Scrap MetalNo requirementsSold by the Merchant
Empty NecklaceNo requirementsCraft
Earthern ShardEater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu defeatedDropped from all enemies
Calm Ki CrystalEater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu defeatedDropped from Surface Jungle enemies
Astral EssentiaQueen Bee defeatedDropped from Harpies
Skeletal EssenceSkeletron defeatedDropped from Dungeon enemies
Prideful Ki CrystalSkeletron defeatedDropped from Underworld enemies

The principle is the same for hardmode, the more bosses you kill and progress through hardmode, the better the Terraria Dragon Ball mod materials you unlock.

Crafting Tables

There are only two crafting tables in Dragon Ball Terraria mod. One is for pre-hardmode and the other for hardmode.

The Z-Table is the one you get in pre-hardmode. You craft it from Scrap Metal and Stable Ki Crystal on a workbench. The other one is the Kai Table you craft it from more advanced Dragon Ball Terraria crafting materials, Chlorophyte Bar, Pearlwood, and a Z-Table.


There are a lot of weapons in Dragon Ball Terraria mod, coming from the Dragon Ball franchise. We will cover the most iconic but you have to know there are a lot more.

  • Trunks’ Sword: an hardmode sword with a fast speed and a strong knockback ignoring up to 50 defense.
  • Farmer’s Shotgun: the only range weapon added by Dragon Ball Terraria mod. It’s an early game weapon firing a spread of bullets.
  • Ki Blast: an early game Ki weapon that fires 2 inaccurate small projectiles. It deals 19 damage at the cost of 15 Ki.
  • Masenko: a weapon you need to charge a minimum of 2 seconds before using. It deals 72 damage which is a lot for a relatively early game.
  • Kamehameha: you surely know this one if you know Dragon Ball. It fires a blue beam that you have to charge for a few seconds before unleashing.
  • Big Bang Attack: it shoots a large projectile at high speed with a large area-of-effect blast.
  • Supernova: it fires a massive energy sphere moving slowly. The more you charge it, the more damage it does.
  • Candy Laser: an hardmode weapon shooting a pink ray. It transforms the target into chocolate or candy restoring mana and health if it doesn’t kill her.


There are also a lot of armors in Dragon Ball Terraria mod. There are 3 sets for pre-hardmode and 5 sets for hardmode including:

  • Turtle Hermit Armor: an early game armor giving some defense and increasing max Ki and Ki damage. This armor set resembles the uniform which Goku wears in Dragon Ball.
  • Saiyan Battle Armor: a post-Skeletron armor whose effects are similar to the ones you get from Turtle Hermit Armor but improved. It’s the armor Vegeta wears in Dragon Ball.
  • Demon Armor: you can get it after defeating mechanical bosses. It increases Ki damage, max Ki and Ki regeneration. If you wear the full set, pressing your “Armor Bonus” key will grant you unlimited Ki for a limited time.
  • Elite Saiyan Armor: a post-Fishron armor that is the upgrade of the Saiyan Battle Armor. When wearing the full set, if you take fatal damage you will recover to full health and get your damage doubled for a short time. This effect has a 1-minute cooldown.


Dragon Ball Terraria mod adds some accessories to the game in different categories: Movement, Health and Mana, and Combat. Some of them are:

  • Ki Chip: very useful accessory as you can get it in the early game and it increases the Ki charge rate.
  • Battle Kit: pre-hardmode accessory increasing Ki damage and reducing Ki usage.
  • Time Ring: hardmode accessory increasing health and Ki regen.
  • Spirit Charm: a post-Plantera accessory increasing Ki-related stats and giving 3+ max minions.
  • Radiant Glider: a post-Moon Lord pair of wings.

Final Note

There is a lot more to know about Dragon Ball Terraria mod. As we can’t cover anything in one article, I advise you to have a look at the official Dragon Ball Terraria mod wiki! Also, for those playing with Calamity mod, there is a Dragon Ball Terraria add-on for Calamity mod, you can find more here.


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