Terraria Teleporters: All You Need To Know


Teleporters are a unique Terraria mechanism which allows players, Town NPCs, critters and enemies to teleport from one location to another, all with the click of a button!

The Teleporter in action!

How to Obtain

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The Teleporter can be bought from the Mechanic for 2 Gold and 50 Silver. Prices may change based on the happiness of the Mechanic.

Building Guide

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In order to use a Teleporter, it has to be connected to another teleporter with wire of the same colour. To activate it, you’ll have to use a triggering mechanism such as a pressure plate or lever (Which can also be bought from the mechanic)

Teleporters can be wired to have up to 8 different destinations (2 of each color).

If there are more than 3 destinations of the same color, the Teleporter will teleport the player to the Teleporter furthest from the original.


How far can Teleporters go?

Teleporters have an infinite range, which means you can teleport from one end of a world to another!

Why is my Teleporter not working?

Make sure your Teleporter is connected to another Teleporter with a single colored wire. Using multiple colors will not work. Some other things to watch out for are holes in the wires, and make sure you use an activation mechanism like a Pressure Plate or Lever!

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