Terraria Putrid Scent: Everything You Should Know


Do you want a decent accessory for more balanced fighting in Terraria? You'll need the Putrid Scent. Read the easy guide below to learn more.

Many Terraria players love combat, no matter the consequences. Whether making their device lag because of the high number of mobs or certain deaths, there’s no excuse to leave the fight. After all, some monsters drop rare goods, which can help them progress much faster.

On the other hand, others wish to take their time. It’s consequential to have less loot, although still viable for focused fights. The Putrid Scent does precisely this, but we’ll reveal in this guide all the greater detail about the item and how to get it.

Putrid Scent – Overview

The Putrid Scent will become available after reaching the Hardmode. It’ll be a long preparation before defeating the infamous Wall of Flesh in the Underworld.

Wearing the accessory will add bonus damage and a 5% critical strike chance. Moreover, there’ll be enough room between you and your enemies before they start attacking (-400 aggro).

It’s noteworthy that the Putrid Scent is the counterpart to Flesh Knuckles obtainable from the Crimson biome. 

How to Get the Putrid Scent?

Getting this Hardmode accessory in Terraria can be tricky. However, you’ll find Corrupt Mimics if you’re on an Underground Corruption. The method can either be naturally-spawned or by putting the Key of Night in a Chest (20% chance).

Item Upgrade

You can craft three items with the Putrid Scent at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. These are Arcane Flower, Recon Scope, and Stalker’s Quiver. Here are their recipes:

ItemMaterials Needed
Arcane FlowerMana Flower (1)
Putrid Scent (1)
Recon ScopePutrid Scent (1)
Sniper Scope (1)
Stalker’s QuiverMagic Quiver (1)
Putrid Scent (1)

Useful: The Putrid Scent’s effects won’t apply to all item upgrades.

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