Terraria: How to Get Feral Claws (Easy) | Full Guide 2023


Do you want a decent accessory in Terraria? Dreaming of that nice auto-attack feature? The Feral Claws can do just that, and we’ll guide you on obtaining the item!

Feral Claws in Terraria

If you’re in a Pre-Hardmode world in Terraria, there are two important things to remember:

1. You need a reliable weapon.

2. You need an accessory.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the Feral Claws that boost your melee weapon’s capability. We’ll also reveal why many players are going crazy over the item.

What is Feral Claws?

Feral Claws is one of seven melee offensive accessories in Terraria. Once you equip the item, you’ll gain a 12% attack speed bonus while additively stacking with other boosts.

A feature exclusive to desktop, mobile, and console versions offers a game-changing advantage. All melee weapons, including Whips, can now autoswing. With the new feature, you can spam attack enemies in Terraria with limited damage on your end. It’s perfect for the Breaker Blade, in particular, where you can hold off invasions and events.

How to Get Feral Claws

When Fishing, you may sometimes obtain Bramble Crates and Jungle Crates, with a 19% chance of dropping the accessory. Those items are rare, but you can increase their spawning chance using a Crate Potion. Alternatively, you may get the Feral Claws randomly by opening an Ivy Chest (21.72% (desktop, mobile, console) / 23.68% (3DS, old-gen consoles)).

You can find both Crates and Chest in the Jungle biome.

Item Upgrade

Titan Glove in Terraria
ResultMaterialsCrafting Station
Power Glove• Feral Claws (1)
•Titan Glove (1)
Tinkerer’s Workshop

The Power Glove is an upgrade to Feral Claws, freeing up an accessory slot while getting better stats.

Once you defeat Mimics in Terraria, they will drop a Titan Glove (16.67% (desktop, mobile, console, 3DS) / 14.29% (old-gen consoles)). Meanwhile, you can purchase the Tinkerer’s Workshop for 10 Gold Coins from the Tinkerer.

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