Terraria: How to Craft The Mechanical Worm | Full Guide 2023


Need to progress your gameplay all towards the infamous Moon Lord? Start with the Destroyer first. In this guide, you’ll learn about how to summon the entity with the Mechanical Worm.

The player using the Mechanical Worm in Terraria.

Defeating Bosses in Terraria is required once you spawn into the world. Its essence lies in the natural gameplay progression, bridging the Pre-Hardmode to Hardmode. Ultimately, new weapons and mounts become available, although it comes at a cost.

Going back to the Corruption biome is the pesky Eater of Worlds. In Hardmode, you’ll have to deal with its mechanical counterpart, the Destroyer. This journey of unlocking new content becomes more manageable with the Mechanical Worm, and we’ll tell you why in this easy guide.

What is a Mechanical Worm

The Mechanical Worm is an item used for summoning the Destroyer in Hardmode, although it still works when brought to a Pre-Hardmode world.

The Mechanical Worm works outside of the Corruption, unlike the Worm Food. However, you can only use the former at nighttime, while the latter can be used anytime. When used by day, the boss won’t appear nor consume the Mechanical Worm. Using it when the Destroyer is already summoned doesn’t do anything.

How to Craft a Mechanical Worm

In Hardmode, if the Destroyer is undefeated, the chances of enemies dropping this item are 0.04%, excluding statue-spawned enemies, Meteor Heads, and Old One’s Army enemies.

Alternatively, combine the following items at a Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum:

All crafting ingredients to make the Mechanical Worm in Terraria.


The Mechanical Worm is a key component in making the Ocram’s Razor – a boss-summoning item that spawns the Mechdusa in Get fixed boi and Don’t dig up world seeds.

ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Ocram’s Razor (desktop, mobile, console)• Mechanical Eye (1)
• Mechanical Skull (1)
Mechanical Worm (1)
Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil

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