Terraria High Velocity Bullet: Everything You Should Know


Do you love using guns but want to skip the aim and accuracy part? High Velocity Bullets fixes that problem, and we’ll help you craft and use them in this guide!

Aiming and movement tracking are essential mechanics for ranged users in Terraria. In PvP and normal mode, it could mean between life or death. That said, it’s vital to have those skills regardless of your weapon.

However, it’s not the same for bullets, as some types assist in your aim. An excellent is the High Velocity Bullet – deadly ammunition with high piercing capabilities. In this guide, you’ll learn how to craft it and how you can optimize them for better efficiency.

High Velocity Bullet – Overview

RarityDamageKnockbackBase VelocityVelocity MultiplierSelling Price
Orange11448xCopper coin (8)

Although aiming isn’t necessary (with little effort, of course), it’s nothing similar to its Chlorophyte counterpart (full spam). But since High Velocity Bullets travel fastest in-game, they could spell doom to enemies when used at close quarters.

This bullet type pierces up to two enemies and stops at the third. Damage decreases per body, usually at 85% and 72.25% of base, respectively. Combining this ammo with the Sniper Rifle is lethal whether you’re against a real player or mechanical bosses.

How to Get a High Velocity Bullet?

Note that you’ll have to reach the Hardmode before gaining access to this ammunition. Moreover, you must defeat at least one mechanical boss (any) to obtain the item. Afterward, the Arms Dealer will offer High Velocity Bullets for Copper Coin (19) each.

A cheaper alternative to having this bullet type is through crafting at the Work Bench. You’ll need Empty Bullet (50) and Cog (1) to make 50 of them.

Cogs are relatively easy to get as the Steampunker sells them for Silver Coins (7) once the merchant becomes your resident. However, you must have the exact requirement for getting High Velocity bullets.

Other Uses

Some interesting findings are from different weapons and making a “substitute” HV ammo. Most notably, guns with incredible velocities, such as Sniper Rifle, Uzi, and Venus Magnum with Musket Balls as ammunition. It still does minor damage, but multi-body piercing is possible!

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