Terraria Golden Carp: Everything You Should Know


Do you want some extra profit in Terraria? You can get the Golden Carp! However, it's a rare fish, but we'll teach you how to get it.

In Terraria, fishing rewards players with not only a profitable catch but also a scenic view. The activity is available on the surface, underground, or even where the Sun and Moon rise and set. By all means, fishing involves gameplay and adventure with extra luck.

A bonus for the uncertainty in Terraria is the Golden Carp – a unique fish in-game. Do you want to catch one? We’ll teach you everything you must know in this guide!

Golden Carp – Overview

Golden Carp is an extremely rare fish that costs Golden Coins (10) each upon selling. Although a suitable option for cooking, it isn’t used in crafting or meals, particularly the Golden Delight.

There are 13 other available “gold” animal items that you can craft into a Golden Delight. However, the Carp counterpart is the only exception.

How to Get a Golden Carp

There’s a low chance of obtaining this fish in Terraria. The suitable places for fishing are the Underground and Underworld, and Cavern layers. Preparing your kit is usually best if you’re pursuing this rare item.

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