How good are Terraria Celestial Cuffs?


Terraria Celestial Cuffs are one of the most popular caster accessories. They are ideal for mages as they increase and replenish mana reserves. In this article, we’ll talk about the item, how to assemble it, and whether or not you should use it for your build.

Terraria Celestial Cuffs are a premium mana management accessory. The best thing about the item is that you can find its component quickly during pre-Hardmode. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to assemble it before Hardmode as you need Tinkerer’s Workshop to combine all the pieces.

Terraria Celestial Cuffs are not that great during boss fights. Increased mana pool and restoration are nice, but they don’t do anything to improve your defense or offense. Star pickup range is especially useless in these situations. It also doesn’t help that you need to take hits for the item to be effective.

Terraria Celestial Cuffs stats and features

Here are the item’s basic stats and effects:

Requires   Magic Cuffs and Celestial magnet assembled at Tinkerer’s Workshop
Sells for3 gold, 20 silver
EffectsIncreases the range of Mana Star pickup
Increases mana reserves by 20
Taking damage restores mana to the character

Celestial Cuffs are primarily a mage item. This is a fantastic accessory when traversing the map, as it provides a lot of sustain. Increases Mana Star pickup range is a nice buff that makes your life slightly easier. On the other hand, the accessory gives you enough mana during prolonged monster fights.

Mana restoration is equal to the damage taken before calculating defense. In other words, taking a strong hit can replenish approximately half of your reserves. Another awesome thing is that you’ll never get less than 10 mana, making the accessory ideal against low-damage opponents.

Keep in mind that this effect doesn’t work on DoTs and drowning damage. However, the item will replenish your reserves when you take damage from a fall. The effect doesn’t stack with Magic Cuffs.

How to assemble the item?

You can find most of the Cuffs components as you’re moving around the world. The majority of them drop from chests or are made from Mana and Life Crystals. The only exceptions are Shackle (drops from Zombies) and Celestial Magnet (sold by Traveling Merchant).

An interesting thing about the recipe is that you can find certain materials in Crimson worlds, while some of them are exclusive to Corruption. In other words, Panic Necklace is a drop from Crimson Heart, Crimson, and Hematic Creates. Band of Starpower drops from Shadow Orbs and can be found in Defiled and Corrupt Crates.

While these are biome-specific drops, you can also assemble them at a crafting station. So, while it might seem that you need two playthroughs to get all the materials, it isn’t actually so.

Finding the components is not that big of an issue, but assembling them is a different story. To combine all these ingredients, you’ll have to use Tinkerer’s Workshop four times. In other words, you’ll have to plan the item’s creation ahead of time, keeping all these pre-Hardmode components in a stash.

Should I use this accessory?

Our main issue with the item is that it’s not as good as some offensive or defensive accessories. For example, Mana Cloak also increases your reserves but also adds to your offensive prowess. Celestial Shell gives you a bit of everything, while Celestial Emblem provides the highest damage boost.

To properly utilize Terraria Celestial Cuffs, you have to continuously take damage. This is the last thing you want as a mage. Of course, you’ll get hit from time to time, but you cannot allow yourself to take several blows in succession.

If we were to recommend a mage build, we would go with Sorcerer Emblem, Celestial Shell, Celestial Emblem, Mana Cloak, and Arcane Flower. In theory, you could replace Arcane Flower with Celestial Cuffs. However, if you’re a careful player or if you’re playing Expert/Master mode, Arcane Flower is more valuable.

Although our analysis might seem condemning, there are situations where Cuffs are an excellent choice. Always remember that killing opponents with magic weapons spawns Mana Stars, which you can use to refill reserves. Because of that, the accessory performs fantastic against minion-summoning bosses and during events.

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