Hardy Saddle: The Fastest Way to Travel Underwater in Terraria


In Terraria, mobility is one of the most important things you should consider when playing. Indeed, whether it is to fight bosses and enemies, or just to explore your world, it's important to move quickly, to jump high, etc... The Hardy Saddle is an item which will be able to increase your mobility in liquids.


The Hardy Saddle is a mount you can equip. When used, it summons a Turtle Mount. The mount is able to swim and has increased movement speed in liquids (water, lava, and honey) up to 31 mph. But when on land, you move slower (10 mph maximum) and your jump reach is reduced to 2.48 tiles maximum. So, the Turtle Mount is beneficial only when you’re in liquids.

The Turtle Mount doesn’t allow you to breathe underwater, so you have to be careful, and eventually, combine it with items related to diving such as the Diving Helmet (an accessory dropped by Sharks and Orcas with a 2% chance, allowing you to breathe for a longer time underwater) or the Diving Gear (an accessory obtained by combining the Diving Helmet with Flipper allowing you to move faster and breathe longer underwater).

The Turtle Mount can be used to fly indefinitely. To do this, you need a Bottomless Water (you get it as a reward from the Angler when completing fishing quests). Then, you just have to constantly place water above you and swim upwards with the Turtle Mount. It allows you to reach easily Floating Islands or Floating Lakes if you don’t have wings.

Hardy Saddle Description

How to get the Hardy Saddle

The Hardy Saddle can be found in Golden Crates with a 9.33% chance and in Titanium Crates with a 6.53% chance. As Titanium Crates are the hardmode counterpart of Gold Crates, it’s better to try to get the Hardy Saddle in pre-hardmode if this is the only item you want because the chance to get it from Golden Crates is higher than the chance to get it from Titanium Crates.

Anyways, you will have to do a lot of fishing to get it, so be sure to have good fishing equipment.

The best fishing pole you can get in the game is the Golden Fishing Rod. You get it after completing exactly 30 fishing quests from the Angler. It isn’t that hard to obtain, it’s just long. Else, you can buy the Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole from the Traveling Merchant for 35 Gold Coins, or the Mechanic’s Rod from the Mechanic for 20 Gold Coins.

Then, you want powerful bait. The best bait you can get is the Master Bait, but it isn’t so easy to get as you get it sometimes from then Angler as a reward when you complete quests. Else, all the bugs you find in your world can be used as bait, you just have to catch them using a Net.

Other things you can optimize are your accessories or your buffs. Most of them are obtained as quest rewards from the Angler, so eventually, you will get them while you’re farming Gold Crates or Titanium Crates.

The most powerful buff to get a lot of crates is the Crate buff. You get it from the Crates Potions. These potions can be crafted using Bottled Water, an Amber, a Moonglow, a Shiverthorn, and a Water Leaf. As they require a lot of flowers, you should consider making a flower farm if you don’t have one yet. The Crate buff lasts only 3 minutes, so take a lot of potions with you when you want to farm crates.

Finally, there are other bonuses applying when fishing to give you an increase in your fishing power such as the current time, the number of Chum Buckets thrown in the liquid, or the size of the lake you’re fishing from.

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