Dart Trap: A Good Trap to Defend your Base in Terraria


In terraria, traps are used mostly for two things: defending your base and making farms. They can also be used in multiplayer if you want to troll your mates. Dart Traps are a good option to do these things because they are quite powerful and can be found easily in Terraria.


Dart Traps are placeable items you can trigger using wires to make them fire a poisoned dart. They don’t consume ammunition and you can trigger them one time every 3.33 seconds.

Dart Traps

When you place them, they will be placed facing the direction you’re facing. You can then use a hammer to make them rotate and face the other direction.

The poisoned dart deals damage to enemies or players it hit, inflicting the Poisoned debuff. It can pierce multiple enemies or players. Their dart travels at a speed of 45 blocks per second (60mph) and can fly up to 60 seconds if it doesn’t encounter any wall. After this duration, it will break as if it was encountering a wall.

Due to the 3.33 delay between shots, using a 1-second timer, a trap will shoot 1 arrow every 4 seconds.

In expert and master mode, these traps deal increased damage, and the duration of the Poisoned debuff they inflict is doubled.

How to get Dart Traps

These traps are not buyable, and you can’t craft them. The only way to get them is to find them in your world. They are found naturally in the Caverns and in the Dungeon (most frequently). You can collect them using a pickaxe.

When found naturally, they are wired to a pressure plate. If you walk on it, you will trigger the linked trap, and it will fire an arrow dealing some damage to you and inflict the Poisoned debuff if you get hit.

How to wire Dart Traps

After defeating Skeletron Prime, the wiring tools become available to you. You can buy them from the Mechanic who can be found in the Dungeon. You just need a Wrench, an item emitting a signal (a Lever, a Button, a Pressure Plate, etc…), and some wires.

Then, you can link your item emitting a signal to the Dart Trap, and that’s all!

If you want to make a Dart Trap shoot automatically, you can use timers. Using a 1-second timer, your Dart Trap will shoot every 4 seconds.

Dart Traps Wiring

Super Dart Traps

Super Dart Traps can be seen as an update of Dart Traps as they function exactly the same way, but they deal more damage, and their Poisoned debuff lasts longer.

Super Dart Traps

The only way to get them is to find them in the Jungle Temple and collect them using a Picksaw or any pickaxe above it.


  • Dart Traps can be used to build harvesting farms because their dart can harvest Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, Grass, Jungle Grass, etc…
  • Dart Traps function the same way when they are actuated. It means you can place multiple traps in a line, and they won’t hit themselves.
  • You can place a block in front of a Dart Trap and it will still be able to fire without any problem.
  • Using Teal Pressure Plates, you can build very precise timers powered by Dart Traps.
  • To optimize better the firing rates of the Dart Traps, you can use seven 1/2-second timers strung together instead of using a 1-second timer.

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