Terraria: Top 7 Best House Ideas


Tinkering with Terraria house ideas is the reason why this game is still exciting in 2022. Creating evil lairs, castles, and space stations makes the game so much fun. In this article, we’ll share a few home designs that you’ll surely love.

A plethora of construction materials allows gamers to experiment with Terraria house ideas. Given that Terraria features numerous types of ores, wood, and furniture, you can make just about anything you want. Weapon and Item Racks can serve as incredible wall decorations, and you can use Statues for extra personality.

7 Best Terraria house ideas

1.     Hansel and Gretel house

The witch’s house in “Hansel and Gretel” was made from gingerbread. Ideally, you should make outer walls from Copper Bricks. You can use Amber Gemspark Walls for the interior. It is important to have a slanted wall on top of the house, resembling old German architecture.

Instead of copper, you should use Candy Cane Blocks and Green Candy Cane Blocks for the roof. As for the door, we’d go with something jovial like Honey Door. In fact, all the furniture inside of the house should be made from honey.

Jack ‘O Lantern would be perfect for interior lighting. Slice of Cake and Pigronata can also be nice additions to the interior. You should also make a separate room where you’ll put a Bewitching Table and a Cauldron. This could be the witch’s kitchen, and you should use minimal lighting for it.

You can also create one or two Item Racks and decorate them with Candy Cane Swords. 

2.     Dwarven fortress

When playing games such as Terraria, you eventually get an urge to create underground dwellings. Blue Brick is the best material for the exterior, but you can also go with Ebonstone Brick. As for the interior, we’d suggest Snow Brick Walls.

Ideally, you should make a large central area for the Dwarven king, coupled with several small adjacent rooms. Make sure to place a Throne in the center of the room, at an elevated position. Lead Door and furniture would be an ideal option.

You could also place several statues around the fortress. Hammer and Pickaxe Statues are perfect for adjacent rooms, and you can decorate the central area with King Statue. Reaper Statue is another great choice, as it looks like a miner. Surrounding rooms should be filled with crafting stations such as Iron Anvils and Furnaces.

You can also use Weapon Racks for various axes, hammers, pickaxes, and Item Racks to exhibit different types of ores. Lastly, make sure to add a Hellevator nearby and minecart tracks along the horizontal lines.

3.     Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse is one of the easiest Terraria house ideas to pull off, but you can’t use it for playing as it focuses on Flesh and Lesion Blocks and Walls.

Basically, the house can take any shape you like. It doesn’t necessarily need to have a slanted roof. Instead, we think it’s much better for the structure to look as dilapidated as possible. You use Flesh Blocks for the exterior, while the majority of the interior will be made from Flesh Walls with some Lesion Walls here and there.

As for the furniture, we’d suggest combining Flesh Door, Flesh Clock, Flesh Table, Flesh Bed, Lesion Bookcase, Lesion Candelabra, and Lesion Chest. Make sure to use Flesh Platforms for getting to the second floor.

Weapon Racks with Psycho Knife and Blood Machete are also nice. You can also use Item Racks to display Worm Food, Rotten Chunks, and Leather.

Adding a freezer would be another nice bit. You can use Ice Bricks for its exterior and Glass Walls for the interior. Although this does not make much sense, you can also put a Meat Grinder in this room and place a critter statue so that harmless bunnies can start spawning inside the freezer.

4.     Dojo

Terraria veterans simply love oriental-themed houses. If we were to build something of that type, we’d go with a Dojo.

This type of structure uses different types of wood for the exterior. A combination of Palm Wood and Dynasty Wood is ideal for the exterior walls. You can also use this type of material to create beams. The floor is also wooden, but we’d suggest a white ingredient for the background wall. It’s also important to add a highly slanted roof.

Target Dummy is a must for a dojo. Use Weapon Racks to showcase Shurikens and Throwing Knives. You can also go with Sword Racks and Spear Racks. Adding a Sharpening Station close to them can also work. A few vases could add to the homey atmosphere.

To finish the design, we suggest that you create a large garden. Bamboo Fence is amazing for oriental houses, and you can also place Living Wood Candelabra, Living Wood Candle, or Living Wood Bookcase outside. Make sure to have lots of grass on the ground.

5.     Pirate Hideout

Pirate Hideout is another one of those Terraria house ideas that leave a lot of room for experimenting. Ideally, this type of structure should be close to the ocean, just above the water. You can suspend a part of the hideout on Wooden Beams.

We’d make the exterior from Spooky Wood, combined with Wood. You should use lighter color wood for background walls, such as Palm Wood. We suggest making a two-story house with a flight of stairs leading to second-floor rooms. Make sure to put a Fireplace in the center of the house.

Weapon Rack with Swordfish or Cutlass would be fantastic on the walls. You should also consider Ship’s Wheel, Treasure Map, and Wall Skeleton.

As for the basic items, you can add Shark Statue, Piranha Statue, Bar, several Bar Stools, Banquet Table, Keg, and Barrels. Make sure to place a few Mugs on flat surface furniture (you cannot place Ale on a flat surface). Ship in a Bottle is another great decorative item, and you should also add a Cannon somewhere in the house.

For this to be a real pirate hideout, it needs a chest. In my opinion, the Web Covered Chest looks the best, but you can also go with Ivy Chest, Gold Chest, or regular chest. Coin Piles also look awesome. As for a source of light, you should go with a standard Chandelier.

6.     Aztec Temple

The Aztec Temple idea revolves around Lihzard Brick. You can use this material for the exterior and Lihzard Brick Wall for the interior. Amber Gemspark Wall and Amber Gemspark Blocks can also fit well with this theme. The shape of the house should resemble Aztec pyramids, having a flat bottom and top. 

Most importantly, you need to make sure that the central interior area is a bit elevated. Use Lihzard Brick to create a sacrificial area inside the temple. Put a Lihzahrd Altar on top of it. We also like how Flesh Candelabra looks here. You might consider going with a combination of Tiki Torches and Hanging Braziers.

You can use Item and Weapon Racks to display Vertebra, Bone Rattle, Brain of Cthulhu Mask, and Crimson Heart. In that regard, this theme is somewhat similar to the slaughterhouse. As for the furniture, we’d focus on Living Wood pieces. Living Wood Chairs and Living Wood Sofa give it a jungle feeling.

I also think that Enchanted Sundial and Bast Statue could be great here.

7.     Smurf house

Smurf House might be the hardest design to pull off. Basically, you need to replicate giant mushrooms by using several similarly colored bricks. The lower sections of the walls should be a bit convex. The roof should look like an upside-down letter V, with gentle edges.

Finding the right materials is the toughest thing. You should make the external walls from Pearlstone Brick while leaving the back wall empty. The top of the mushroom, or the roof, should combine Ruby Gemspark Blocks with Diamond Gemspark Blocks (for mushroom circles).

Unlike the bottom floor, where the walls are empty, you can use Diamond Gemspark Walls and Ruby Gemspark Walls for the background. Given that smurfs are forest creatures, you should focus on wooden or mushroom furniture. Hat Rack, Banquet Table, and Fireplace are all nice additions to the house.

You might also consider putting a Sign and a Picnic Table in front of the house. To round up the theme, you can use Potted Trees, Hanging Herbs, and Hanging Pots for the interior. If you put several Garden Gnomes in and around the house, it can look as if the real smurfs live there.

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