Zenith: Know Everything About the Best Terraria Sword


Have you defeated the Moonlord and just want to have fun now destroying your enemies? The Zenith is for you! It's one of the most powerful swords in Terraria, and probably one of the most fun!


The Zenith is a hardmode weapon you can get after defeating the Moon Lord. So it’s an end-game sword.

You can get it using several of the game’s main swords you get from the early game to the end game.

The Zenith deals a base of 190 damage and has a strong knockback. She is capable of auto swing meaning you can just hold your “Attack” button and she will hit continuously.

This word is very powerful because she can hit enemies everywhere on the screen. Just hold your “Attack” button and move your cursor on the screen to make sprites of the swords composing the Zenith appear and move around your cursor quickly and frenetically in a circle. These swords can pass through blocks. At the base speed of use, three swords will appear with each use.

Like a lot of swords, the best modifier for the Zenith is Legendary.

Terraria Zenith

How to get the Zenith

The Zenith is fun and powerful, but it’s really hard to get. Below is how you can get each sword required to craft the Zenith:

  1. Copper Shortsword: This is the sword you get when you begin the game with a new character. You can craft it with some Copper Bars at an anvil.
  2. Enchanted Sword: This sword can be obtained by destroying a background object: the “enchanted sword in the stone”, which can be found in random locations underground and in Enchanted Sword Shrines. You can also find this sword in Golden Crates or Titanium Crates obtained from fishing.
  3. Bee Keeper: It’s a sword summoning some bees. You have a 33 percent chance to drop this sword from the Queen Bee.
  4. Starfury: This sword summons a star projectile falling from the sky at your cursor’s position when you’re attacking. You can find it in chests on Floating Islands. You can also get it with a 100% chance in Azure Crates (an hardmode crate you can get from fishing in Floating Lakes) or with a 33% chance in Sky Crates (the pre-hardmode counterpart of Azure Crates).
  5. Seedler: The Seedler is a sword firing little projectiles like grenades exploding after some time or when hitting an enemy. You can from it from Plantera with a 14.29% chance.
  6. The Horseman’s Blade: It’s a post-Plantera sword summoning pumpkin projectiles that chase enemies when you’re attacking. To get it, you have to summon the Pumpkin Moon Event and kill Pumpkings. You can drop it with a 1-12% chance (it depends on the wave of the Pumpkin Moon you’re fighting)
  7. Influx Waver: This sword is a post-Golem sword. It fires a sword projectile in a straight line towards the cursor when you’re attacking. To get it, you have to summon the Martian Madness Event and kill some Martian Saucers as it has a 16.66% chance to be dropped from them.
  8. Star Wrath: It’s one of the two swords you can drop from the Moon Lord. It can be considered as an upgrade of the Starfury as it makes some star projectile fall from the sky at the cursor’s position when you’re attacking. You have an 11% chance to drop it from the Moon Lord.
  9. Meowmere: It’s the second sword you can drop from the Moon Lord. When you’re attacking, it fires a projectile trailed by a rainbow and shaped like a cat’s head. Like the Star Wrath, you have an 11% chance to drop it from the Moon Lord.

Once you have all these words, you still need to get one more: the Terra Blade.

Get the Terra Blade

The Terra Blade is an hardmode sword firing green projectiles. It requires a lot of swords to be crafted.

First, you have to get the Night’s Edge, which can be crafted from some swords:

  • Blood Butcherer/Light’s Bane: Depending on your world’s Evil, you have to get one of these two swords. You get these swords using either Crimtane Bars or Demonite Bars (you drop crimtane or demonite from the Eye of Cthulhu for example).
  • Muramasa: The first sword you can get with the auto swing. You get it from chests in the Dungeon.
  • Blade of Grass: A sword inflicting the Poisoned debuff. You can craft it using some materials you can find in the Jungle such as Jungle Spores or Stingers.
  • Fiery Greatsword: A fire sword you can craft using Hellstone Bars.

When you have all these swords, just go to an altar to be able to craft Night’s Edge. Then, you need to evolve Night’s Edge into True Night’s Edge. To do this, you have to defeat all mechanical bosses and use 20 Souls of Fright, 20 Souls of Might, and 20 Souls of Sight (to know more about souls, check

Then, you have to get Excalibur. You get it from Hallowed Bars (you can get Hallowed Bars when defeating mechanical bosses). Once you have Excalibur, you can evolve it into True Excalibur using Chlorophyte Bar.

Finally, you have to find a Broken Hero Sword. You can drop it from monsters spawning during the Solar Eclipse Event. You have a 25% chance to drop it from Mothrons, or a 0.4% chance to drop it from Frankensteins or Swamp Things.

Once you have all the materials, just go to a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil and craft Terra Blade!

It was the last sword required to craft the Zenith. So now, go again to a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil with all your swords in your inventory and you can finally craft the much desired Zenith.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut if you want to get the Zenith, you have to follow all the steps in this guide. But it should be easier in the game as you will probably have all of these words when you will begin thinking about crafting the Zenith.


  • Each sword the Zenith generates has a color, which generates a large amount of light. The light generated can be used to reveal parts of the minimap.
  • As the Zenith can reach anywhere the cursor is, if your screen has a large resolution or anything to increase the screen size, you can increase its range.
  • The Zenith ignores enemy invincibility frames.
  • If a sword sprite is close to an enemy but not on him, the sword sprite will go to the enemy and hit him. It’s a semi-homing ability. It works only at the first attack.
  • Some swords’ sprites are bigger than others and can have a chance to hit enemies multiple times depending on their position.
  • If you can’t find any Enchanted Sword or Starfury in your world, consider using seeds. For example, you can find an Enchanted Sword and a Starfury on a small, classic, crimson world with this seed: 263549977.
  • If you’re playing with Calamity mod, there are better alternatives to the Zenith post-Moon Lord.

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