Terraria: How to Use The Favorite Items Feature?


Using Terraria favorite items feature, you can prevent the removal of weapons, accessories, and materials. In this guide, we’ll talk more about the function and why it’s so important.

Terraria favorite items functionality allows you to set an item as a favorite. This is not only important for esthetics but has a tangible, functional value. Once you set an object in such a manner, you can’t use quick commands on it. With this feature, it stays where you initially placed it unless you personally remove it.

What is the function All About?

Basically, this function prevents any misuse of the inventory. Although you can still move the item around, you can’t use the quick deposit, quick trash, or quick stack shortcuts on it. You also can’t throw it away.

However, that doesn’t mean that the object is immovable. You can still place it in Chests and Piggy Banks, but you need to do so by dragging the object to the deposit box. The player can also change the item’s place within the inventory or place it within the equipment slots.

Keep in mind that by dragging an object to the trash, deposit box, or inventory slots, you remove the favorite item mark. So, when you place it back in the inventory, you will have to reapply the function.

How to use favorite items feature?

Given that things can get hectic when mining ores and collecting weapons, it is hard to track all the objects. You often casually throw items from your inventory to make place from something else. Even if the object is under your feet, you might not be able to find it.

This is a significant problem for gamers who commonly use shortcuts. For example, you can easily quick stack or quick trash an item without realizing what you’ve done. This might not be important if you throw away a piece of Iron Ore, but it can be an issue if you accidentally remove your primary weapon.

Not only does this feature prevents quick removal of the object, but it also marks the objects with an outline. That way, you can quickly tell what’s important and what’s unimportant within the inventory.

How to use Terraria the feature?

Interestingly enough, this particular feature is a bit different on PC, consoles, and Nintendo Switch. So, we’ll discuss each of them.

PC controls

Here’s how you use it on PC:

  • Access your inventory.
  • Hold the Alt button.
  • A star will appear instead of the cursor as you hover above items. Once you press left-click, this item will be marked as a preferable.
  • You can easily distinguish your preferable object from the rest based on the new outer edges.

Keep in mind that you can have several favorite items in the inventory, and you can change their status at any time.

Console controls

Playing Terraria on consoles can be troublesome at times. Inventory management is much harder, and these platforms lack certain quick functions you can find on PC. As a result, the function a bit redundant. Instead, you can use D-Pad Hotbar to assign accessories, weapons, and armors.

In a way, this makes your item a “favorite.” However, you don’t do this for the purpose of a potential removal, but to access the object quickly via D-Pad. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Access your inventory.
  • Click and hold a specific item.
  • Press a direction on the controller’s D-Pad.

Nintendo Switch controls

If you’re playing the game on Nintendo Switch, you have to assign your favorite items via Radial Hotbar. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Hold the left bumper.
  • Access the Hotbar.
  • Point to the item with the analog stick, and once you highlight it, release the stick to assign.

What are the best items to assign?

Here are a few tips that’ll help you use the feature:

  • Basically, you should favorite all the items assigned to the numbers (everything on the top of the inventory). Most people use these slots for primary weapons and tools, so you don’t really want to move them around a lot.
  • When you assign a favorite item, it becomes more noticeable within the inventory. It makes sense to use the feature to mark top-tier ores or ingredients for your next accessory.
  • Marking is especially valuable for items that cannot be replicated. For example, while you might risk losing the latest Palladium Helmet, you shouldn’t be careful with rare boss drops. This is especially true for wings and certain weapons.
  • It is also a good idea to mark Magic Mirror. Most players don’t have the item on a number button, but you might have to use it in clutch situations. So, it should be easy to spot.
  • By the same logic, you might consider marking Rope and various platforms. That way, you can escape from Spike Pits and Lava without having to teleport all the way to base.
  • The function can also prevent item stacking. Although this is a less valuable feature, you might need it on a specific occasion.

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