Complete guide to Summoner class in Terraria


Summoner class is the least popular class in Terraria. Like in other games, these characters are able to call forth various minions to fight in their stead. In this article, we’ll talk about Summoner’s main characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and optimal builds.

Players often overlook Summoner class in Terraria. These individuals use a plethora of minions to battle their foes but can also dish a lot of damage themselves. Unfortunately, they face the same challenges that Summoners from other games are facing.

In this complete guide, we want to teach you more about these individuals, how they work, and why you should give them a chance. Most notably, we’ll share our optimal builds and provide a brief guide that will help you stomp the game.

Summoner class basics

A really interesting thing about these characters in Terraria is that they use weapons to focus minions’ attacks. When you hit an opponent with a whip, all allied summons attack that specific enemy. Whip attacks also cause status effects and give buffs to minions. Regardless, lack of focus remains oneof the biggest problems with the class.

Another thing that differentiates Summoners in Terraria from Summoners in other RPGs is how you use the minions. In this game, you have to change summons according to the situation. This makes for a bit more exciting experience in comparison.

Unfortunately, even with all these options, most experienced players will agree that the class is rather dull. This is because you can simply stay in the back and let your allies do all the work for you. This type of build is ideal for people who just want to enjoy themselves.

The class isn’t as demanding as Warriors or Mages, and it becomes stronger as the game goes on. So, if you just want to run around and dig ore while your minions do all the fighting, this is a perfect choice for you.

Summoner pros and cons

In many ways, we consider Summoners as an advanced class. Although the concept isn’t that hard to understand, there are a few things that could stifle your progress. So, if you’re just looking to finish the game as soon as possible, it’s perhaps better to go with a Warrior or Ranger.

Anyway, if you wish to go with this build, here are some things you need to consider:


  • A plethora of cool, noticeably different minions to choose from.
  • Perhaps the strongest endgame character alongside Ranger.
  • Doesn’t require as much engagement.
  • Great choice if you wish to extract ores and construct buildings uninterrupted.
  • You can use weapons and armor from any other class without affecting your minions.
  • Makes it easier to focus on dodging while your summons focus on attacking.


  • There aren’t many whips in the game, and the same can be said for specialized armor.
  • You cannot be completely passive. In other words, you need to attack tougher opponents with your weapons.
  • Despite whips’ ability to rally minions, focusing remains the character’s biggest issue.
  • There aren’t many specialized armors for the class.
  • You are very reliant on accessories and might be forced to change them continuously while you play for maximum results.
  • Certain minions’ attacks might overlap, causing bosses to miss on some of the damage.

Although Summoners have received numerous new weapons and build choices over the years, they still remain a bit lackluster in terms of their equipment choices. You also need to understand how the minions function to get the maximum effect from them.

The class is excellent for all those who want to relax while playing Terraria and don’t necessarily want to hassle engaging incoming opponents.

Completing the game with Summoner class in terraria

We’ve decided to provide you with a brief guide that will help you with each part of the game.

Early game

Although these individuals have numerous weapons at their disposal, you should always go with whips. However, they aren’t your priority in terms of equipment. Instead, you need to focus on staffs that will allow you to call forth allies.

At the very start of the game, your goal is to get Finch Staff. You can obtain it from Living Trees or Living Wood Chests. Alternatively, you should hunt down Slimes to get Slime Staff. Although these items are not necessary, i.e., you can simply get a sword, this is how you should play as a true Summoner.

Experienced players will go to Snow Biome and acquire Flinx Staff and Flinx Robe. Vampire Frog Staff is the best item from this class pre-Hardmode, but it might be a bit tricky to obtain. You might also want to consider getting Imp Staff or Hornet Staff.

As mentioned, you don’t have to focus on whips too much. Then again, if you’re passing by Jungle Biome, you might want to consider getting ingredients for Snapthorn. You can alternate this weapon with Spinal Tap to maximize buffs. At the end of the pre-Hardmode, you’ll acquire a strong Firecracker.

Flinx Robe will be your best choice of armor until you get Obsidian Armor. This is a remarkable piece of equipment for Summoner, and you can keep it well into the Hardmode. As for accessories, you’ll definitely need Feral Claw.

Beginning of the Hardmode

The start of the Hardmode is difficult for every class, including Summoners. Our suggestion is to start collecting Spider Fangs so you can build Spider Staff or Queen Spider Staff. Tavernkeep sells lots of staffs and rods that would allow you to summon Sentries, so make sure to buy this equipment when available.

 By using some of these early Hardmode items, you should take on Queen Slime and obtain Blade Staff. After killing Dreadnautilus, you should gain access to Sanguine Staff, which is one of the better weapons during this and the next phase.

Firecracker will remain your primary whip for a while. Once you find Durendal, you can alternate its attacks with Firecrackers to maximize buffs and debuffs. As for the armor, you’ll get to choose between Forbidden Armor and Spider Armor, with Forbidden Armor being slightly better. After getting enough Hallowed bars, craft Hallowed Armor.

As for accessories, your optimal build includes Feral Claws, Avenger Emblem, Pygmy Necklace, Summoner Emblem, and Ogre accessories.


Once you kill Plantera, you’ll get numerous new options. As for the staffs, you’ll gain access to Deadly Sphere Staff, Desert Tiger Staff, Raven Staff, and Pigmy Staff. Each one of them has its pros and cons. Raven Staff, Desert Tiger Staff, and Pygmy Staff are solid choices and will be crucial in the ensuing fight against Golem.

Before engaging the boss, make sure to get the Staff of the Frost Hydra. If you manage to get Desert Tiger Staff, you should pair it with Firecracker for monstrous single-target damage. This would be the optimal build against Golem.

Eventually, you’ll also replace whips. Dark Harvest is a great choice instead of Durendal. You should also replace Firecracker with Morning Star. Dark Harvest will increase minions’ attack speed, while Morning Star will increase their critical strike chance.

In theory, you could also get Kaleidoscope from Empress of Light. Unfortunately, the boss is too overpowered at this point, so fighting her would be a fool’s errand. This whip could replace Morning Star in your rotation. You might also consider buying Tiki Armor for some extra stats. However, Spooky Armor is your best choice until Moon Lord.

Accessories give you the most room for tinkering. No matter what, you should get Papyrus Scarab as the focal point of the build. You could combine this accessory with Necromantic Scroll. Celestial Shell is another piece of equipment you can benefit from but isn’t a necessity. As for the rest, just make sure to maximize damage and melee speed.


At this point, you should have more or less a well-established build. Xeno Staff is probably the best choice in this category. Alternatively, you could go with Terraprisma. Although this summon is a bit stubborn and doesn’t attack whipped targets, it still deals massive damage.

However, you shouldn’t neglect Stardust Cell Staff and Stardust Dragon Staff. Stardust Dragon deals heavy damage, while Stardust Cell rarely misses, deals instant damage, and applies a damage over time. As for the sentries, you can choose between Lunar Portal and Rainbow Crystal, with Lunar Portal being more versatile and Rainbow Crystal dishing more damage.

You don’t get any new whips at this point. When it comes to armor, you can choose some premier Tavernkeep sets. The best ones are Valhalla Knight and Shinobi. Although both of these are elite sets, the fact they don’t increase the minion count is really disappointing. Overall, Shinobi is better for offense, Valhalla Knight for defense.

At the very end of the game, you can also craft Stardust Armor, which is the strongest set for this character class.

Analyzing all the minions

The main reason why anyone would play Summoner is so they can call forth all these amazing critters to fight in their stead. Terraria does a wonderful job with this class, giving players numerous summoning options. Here are all the minions and some of their basic characteristics:

·        Finch

This bird minion is not particularly useful, and you’ll replace it relatively quickly.

·        Slime

An alternative to Finch; very hard to get.

·        Flinx

Best critter during the early game. Provide solid protection for the caster and are good against flying opponents.

·        Hornet

Has a poisonous ranged attack and can fly around. Overall, a solid option.

·        Fire Imp

Shares some similarities with Hornet. Instead of poison, it causes burning debuff but doesn’t help against enemies in the water.

·        Vampire Frog

This is the best pre-Hardmode ally, but it can be hard to acquire. Has a high jump and doesn’t perform well against flyers.

·        Spider

The first, and very common, summon on Hardmode. Poisons its targets and pursues them vehemently while they’re alive. Spiders need walls to move around properly.

·        Enchanted Dagger

One of the critters with better AI that flies above the player. Low base damage but has 25 armor penetration.

·        Pirates

Pirates can be overpowered depending on the situation. They cause massive damage and are not affected by enemy invincibility frames. Unfortunately, they have atrocious AI and tend to get lost.

·        Sanguine Bats

These critters have good AI and are very consistent. Sanguine Bats rarely miss their attacks, and they attack quickly. On top of that, they are flying and can reach just about any target.

·        Mini Twins

Although they can strike several opponents at once and are flyers, they often miss. They have consistent patterns and are somewhat reliable.

·        Sharknados

These summons can be extremely powerful, depending on the situation. They are very fast and tend to pursue enemies around. With the right whips, they can deal massive damage even against bosses.

·        Pygmy

Spear-throwing allies that can cause Acid Venom and Poisoned debuffs. Not the best choice if you already have a source of these debuffs.

·        Desert Tiger

A unique summon that becomes stronger as you summon more of them. It receives max damage and movement speed at 9 summons, and it doesn’t trigger invulnerability. A great option to use with Firecracker.

·        Raven

Not the best AI, and it will often get stuck while flying. Ravens don’t trigger invincibility frames and have high base damage. An excellent choice with Dark Harvest.

·        Deadly Sphere

One of the worst minions within its respective tier. Although it has solid damage, it doesn’t have any special traits and takes a lot of time to reload attacks. Deadly

·        UFO

A very reliable summon that you can use in just about any situation. UFO’s ranged attacks are almost instantaneous and can’t miss. They can easily reach ranged and flying targets.

·        Terraprisma

The highest-tier summon in the game. Terraprisma can only drop from Empress of Light if you deal all of the damage during the day. Often, players get the minions when it’s no longer useful. Great for defense but ignores whip’s rallies.

·        Stardust Cell

Perhaps the best option is alongside Stardust Dragon. It’s especially great for active players who are constantly striking their target. They will teleport to the enemy you’ve just struck and instantly hit them. Stardust Cell causes 10 DoT and is especially fantastic against mobile bosses.

·        Stardust Dragon

The ally attacks the farthest enemy on the map or the one you’ve just struck. Does enormous damage and can attack through obstacles. It sticks to stationary enemies, making circles around them while continuously attacking.

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