Bucket in Terraria: Everything You Should Know


Do you want to get Lava for your monster traps? Or perhaps duplicate Honey since it’s limited? Maybe all you need is an artificial swimming pool? You’ll need a Bucket. And in this guide, we’ll teach you everything about the item!

Terraria, most of the time, needs many players to show off their creativity. It could be a trap or an automated machine – anything made from imagination! However, some creations need liquids, meaning you should have a Bucket. Read more about the item, how to make one, and what you can do further with it!

Bucket – Overview

A Bucket is an item in Terraria for collecting and dropping off liquids such as Water, Honey, and Lava. The action is performed by pressing the left-click button, where one tile can be covered. If there’s less than a full tile of any liquid, it’ll always drop a full tile.

Albeit trivial at first, a Bucket helps negate fall damage with proper practice. It’s also great for duplicating limited liquids such as Honey and Lava, so bringing extras is best. 

Water Walking Boots help traverse poured Water. However, you’ll need Lava Charm or Obsidian Skin Potion for better safety while gathering Lava. 

A Bucket can also be a helmet, providing +1 Defense. It’s useless but can be stacked with a Badger’s Hat, Rabbit Perch, or another Bucket.

How to Make a Bucket?

Making a Bucket is easy. First, make an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil. Afterward, stand near either crafting station with Any Iron Bar (2) on your inventory.

Item Upgrades

Different bucket item upgrades in Terraria.
Every item upgrade below in order!
Item NameWater  Bucket QuantityOther Crafting MaterialsCrafting StationBy Hand?
Bamboo Sink1Bamboo (6) Yes
Blue Dungeon Sink1Blue Brick (6) Yes
Bone Sink1Bone (6)Bone Welder 
Boreal Wood Sink1Boreal Wood (6) Yes
Cactus Sink1Cactus (6) Yes
Crystal Sink1Crystal Block (15) Yes
Dynasty Sink1Dynasty Wood (6) Yes
Ebonwood Sink1Ebonwood (6) Yes
Flesh Sink1Flesh Block (6)Flesh Cloning Vat 
Frozen Sink1Ice Block (6)Ice Machine 
Glass Sink1Glass (6)Glass Kiln 
Granite Sink1Smooth Granite Block (6) Yes
Green Dungeon Sink1Green Brick (6) Yes
Honey Sink1Honey Block (6)Honey Dispenser 
Lesion Sink1Lesion Block (6)Decay Chamber 
Lihzahrd Sink1Lihzahrd Brick (6)Lihzahrd Furnace 
Living Wood Sink1Wood (6)Living Loom 
Marble Sink1Smooth Marble Block (6) Yes
Martian Sink1Martian Conduit Plating (6) Yes
Metal Sink1Any Iron Bar (3)Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil 
Meteorite Sink1Meteorite Brick (6) Yes
Mushroom Sink1Glowing Mushroom (6) Yes
Nebula Sink1Nebula Brick (6)Ancient Manipulator 
Obsidian Sink1Hellstone (2)Obsidian (4) Yes
Palm Wood Sink1Palm Wood (6) Yes
Pearlwood Sink1Pearlwood (6) Yes
Pink Dungeon Sink1Pink Brick (6) Yes
Pumpkin Sink1Pumpkin (6) Yes
Rich Mahogany Sink1Rich Mahogany (6) Yes
Sandstone Sink1Smooth Sandstone (6) Yes
Shadewood Sink1Shadewood (6) Yes
Skyware Sink1Sunplate Block (6)Sky Mill 
Slime Sink1Slime Block (6)Solidifier 
Solar Sink1Solar Brick (6)Ancient Manipulator 
Spider Sink1Spider Nest Block (6) Yes
Spooky Sink1Spooky Wood (6) Yes
Stardust Sink1Stardust Brick (6)Ancient Manipulator 
Steampunk Sink1Cog (6)Steampunk Boiler 
Vortex Sink1Vortex Brick (6)Ancient Manipulator 
Wooden Sink1Wood (6) Yes

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