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On this page, you will learn everything about the Paladin’s Hammer. That includes how the thrown melee weapon works, ways of obtaining it, some useful tips and tricks for maximized efficiency, and more.

Everything you need to know

General Information

The Paladin’s Hammer is a type of thrown melee weapon that returns to the player after damaging an enemy (pierces six to eight at close range), traveling for 18 tiles away, or hitting a solid object. The Paladin’s Hammer is considered the strongest of all Boomerang types. It is also capable of autofiring in all versions except old-gen consoles.

When normally used, the Paladin’s Hammer will emit light, making the players see better in the dark. It also phases through any type of block when returning to the user. The Paladin’s Hammer can also squeeze through one-block-wide gaps at the right range. When used on liquids, the Paladin’s Hammer’s travel speed and range drastically decrease.

Of all Boomerangs, the Paladin’s Hammer deals the highest damage and knockback when used. It also has the fastest projectile velocity travel.

With the right timing, throwing another Paladin’s Hammer is possible before the first one returns to the player.

Since the Paladin’s Hammer is a melee weapon, some accessories, all flasks, and armor can enhance its travel range, flight speed, and apply flask-related buffs.

Unlike most Boomerangs, the number of enemies pierced by the Paladin’s Hammer increases as more gap is closed between the player and targets. As a result, it is an excellent pick against segmented enemies, waves of enemies, and holding off invasions. The same goes for projectile-firing mobs, negating their attacks while receiving damage simultaneously.

The Paladin’s Hammer also excels at clearing Cobwebs in a Spider Nest while dealing damage to nearby enemies. The damage dealt is further increased when autoswing-enhancer accessories and melee-boosting gear are equipped.

When choosing between the Possessed Hatchet and Paladin’s Hammer, the latter is a superior pick.

The Paladin’s Hammer is best modified with Godly or Demonic, providing a wide array of stats improvement (desktop, mobile, console). Melee speed modifiers can increase the weapon’s range.

Type: Weapon
Type of Weapon: Boomerang
Mode: Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Paladin's Hammer


  • Offers the highest raw damage output.
  • Offers the highest knockback potential.
  • Has the fightest projectile travel speed.
  • Use time reset is close to the Bananarang’s short delay.
  • Perfect against waves of strong enemies, events, and some Bosses.


  • Risky and tricky to obtain.

How to get the Paladin's Hammer

The Paladin’s Hammer is dropped by the Paladin once slain (6.67% (Classic); 9.78% (Expert & Master)). It is only obtainable during Hardmode.

Stats & Attributes of the Paladin's Hammer

General Type: Melee Weapon
Damage value: 90 Health Points
Rarity: Yellow
Knockback: 9
Sell-Value: 10 Gold Coins
Buy-Value: Not sold
Critical Size: 4%
Use Time: 15
Required Research: 1
Velocity: 42
Special Properties: None

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