How to fill bottles in Terraria like a pro?


You can fill Bottles with various liquids and ingredients, most notably water and honey. If you want to know how to fill bottles in Terraria, make sure to read this article.

To save resources, you can use glass Bottles over and over again. As long as you have a source of water or honey, you can refill them, thus getting a modified version of the Healing Potion.

Although not as strong as Lesser Healing Potion, Bottled Water can save you in a pinch. Bottled Honey, on the other hand, is much stronger but harder to obtain. In this detailed guide, I will focus on Bottled Water as the much more common of the two items.

You can start making Bottled Water early in the game when your health pool is relatively low. You will probably overgrow the item rather quickly, but it can be significant at the very beginning when you have weak equipment, and every advantage matters as you venture into the deeper layers of the Earth.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bottled Water

Bottled Water is a common item that might be of some use in the early game. It provides 20 health upon consumption. Its greatest advantage is that you can reuse it numerous times, and it allows you to go into deeper layers without returning back to base. If you already want to hassle with Bottled Water, there are several things you need to consider:


  • You will probably get a Bottle from one of the first chests in the game.
  • As you go into deeper layers of the Earth, there will always be some source of water to refill the Bottle.
  • It can come in handy in a pinch, especially if you don’t have any Healing Potions.
  • You can stack as many Bottled Waters as you want. When you reach a water source, you can refill them all together.
  • Good for regenerating some health if you want to press on as soon as possible.


  • Becomes obsolete rather quickly.
  • It cannot compare to Healing Potions.
  • Using Bottled Water causes Potion Sickness, which can prevent you from utilizing other, more powerful Healing Potions.
  • Switching to Bottled Water in the heat of the battle can prevent you from doing other, more important things, eventually resulting in your death.

Using Bottled Water might be necessary at higher difficulty levels. Then again, you should have good awareness to flee from battle when your health gets low to utilize this item.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bottled Honey

Bottled Honey restores 80 health to the user. It is much more powerful than Bottled Water and can be an excellent substitution for Health Potion. Unfortunately, it is much harder to refill Bottles with this liquid, as there aren’t many sources of honey on the map. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the item:


  • A much more powerful option than Bottled Water
  • Can be a sustainable replacement for Health Potions
  • In theory, you can constantly refill bottles with honey if you somehow manage to connect your base to a honey source with a Teleporter.


  • Hard to find sources of honey

Why is Potion Sickness important for Bottled Water?

Bottled Water would be a much more powerful item if there weren’t for Potion Sickness debuff.

This effect prevents you from using any other healing items. It lasts for 60 seconds, which you can reduce with artifacts such as Charm of Myths and Philosopher’s Stone.

In theory, you could heal any damage by spamming Bottled Water. Unfortunately, the Terraria creators have thought about this, which is why they have introduced the debuff. So, after getting damaged by a powerful foe, restoring 20 health is usually not enough to survive the battle. Instead, your only options would be to escape or use a more powerful Healing Potion.

How to create Bottles?

In order to create the item, you will need water and a Bottle. As mentioned, you will likely get a Bottle from one of the early chests in the game. If you don’t, you can always make it yourself. Making the item is sometimes tricky as you will need glass. In other words, you will need to mine any type of sand from the Desert biome.

Before you can fill bottles in Terraria, you need to make a few of them. Here is what you need to create a Bottle:

  • Glass
  • Furnace

Basically, you need to be close to a furnace and use a piece of glass. This will create two Bottles. Initially, they are empty, but you can fill them with all sorts of things, including various critters, fruits, mushrooms, water, and honey. Bottled Water can be used as an ingredient for numerous recipes.

How to create glass?

To make glass, you’ll need:

  • Any sand block (2 pieces)
  • Furnace

Alternatively, you can make it with:

  • Glass Platform (2 pieces) OR Glass Wall (4 pieces)
  • Work Bench

How to create a Furnace and Work Bench?

To make the basic Work Bench, you need 10 pieces of wood. It is one of the first items that you’ll make in the game, and it should be available all the time. The furnace recipe is a bit more complex:

  • Stone Block (20 pieces)
  • Any wood (4 pieces)
  • Torch (3 pieces)

Both Furnace and Work Bench are made “organically” at the very start of the game. The thing that you’ll struggle with is probably glass, especially if you don’t find the Desert biome quick enough.  

How to fill bottles in Terraria with water and honey?

To fill a bottle with a liquid, you need to approach a pool of water or honey. Make sure that you’re 3 blocks close to a source, and by opening the crafting options, you can turn your regular Bottle into Bottled Water or Bottled Honey. You can also use Sink in your base as an alternative source of water.

If you’re just starting a new game, my suggestion is to get as much Bottled Water as possible. You can easily drink them later on to free up Bottles. Although hassling with all this water can be annoying, it can also save your life in certain situations.

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