4 Awesome tips for using Terraria super Sniper Rifle


Terraria super sniper rifle is one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game. Check this article to learn where you can get it and what makes it so incredible.

Terraria Super Sniper Rifle is one of the top-tier ranged weapons in the game. The item has a few cool features that make it stand out. Most notably, Sniper Rifle has the highest instant damage in the game and the highest critical hit rate at 29%.

Overall, we love using this weapon against regular enemies as it can decimate them in a single shot. Certain types of ammo can significantly increase its usefulness. Unfortunately, it’s not that good during boss fights due to its slow attack speed.

Terraria super Sniper Rifle stats and features

Here are the weapon’s basic stats:

Damage185 (ranged)
Critical hit29%
Use time36
Sell price8 gold
Research1 item necessary

The item works like any other sniper in any other game. It loads slowly but fires powerful and fast bullets. In theory, the weapon can cause 3,513 damage to a single target with appropriate equipment and buffs. Furthermore, this is the only item in the game that can potentially have more than a 100% critical hit chance.

Its zoom ability is basically the same as that of Rifle Scope and Binoculars. By holding the right-click button, you can check the whole area, scouting enemies beyond the regular edge of the screen. This vision range can increase if you add any scope to the item, although just barely.

How to get Terraria super Sniper Rifle?

Terraria super Sniper Rifle drops from Skeleton Snipers, rare Dungeon enemies that appear after defeating Plantera.

The troublesome thing with Sniper Rifle is that it’s a rare drop from a rare enemy (8.33% chance of dropping in Classic, and 15.97% chance of dropping in Expert and Master). Even worse, the enemy wields a similar rifle and can take you out in just a few shots. Even if you have maximum health, Skeleton Sniper can kill you in three shots in Classic, two shots in Expert, and three shots in Master mode.

The best way to engage these enemies is by using rapid-fire ranged weapons. If you try to approach them at melee range, they can take you out while closing the distance. Hitting the enemy while they’re reloading bullets will stop the attack animation. So, you need to exact continuous pressure to stay alive and potentially acquire the rifle. On the other hand, you should avoid weapons with strong knockback, as this will give the enemy time to reload.

4 Tips for using Sniper Rifle

Due to its specific mechanism, Terraria super Sniper Rifle will not always be the best choice. However, there are a few situations where it shines.

  • The item performs the best against teleporting and flying enemies with low base health. They’re usually nasty to deal with, and you want to take them out as soon as possible.
  • Given its strong knockback, it can also be nice against lumbering melee enemies with high damage.
  • Sniper Rifle is an ideal weapon for Chlorophyte Bullets. The homing feature will ensure that every bullet hits, which is extremely important given the weapon’s low rate of fire and high damage.
  • Crystal Bullets are another good ammo choice. They allow a player to multishot enemies, thus tackling one of the rifle’s biggest drawbacks. Alternatively, you can get great value from Musket Balls. Their penetration feature works well on flat ground during events, allowing you to mow down numerous opponents at once.

Anyway, although this weapon is really cool and feels so different from anything else in the game, grinding Skeleton Snipers is not worth the hassle. This is especially true if we consider there are better and more useful ranged weapons in the game.  

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