Terraria: How to Get the Shadow Orb Pet Summon?


No pets yet? Why not try the Shadow Orb in Terraria? Don't worry, as it won't spawn the Eater of Worlds. Read this complete guide instead to know everything about the item and how to get one.

Pets in Terraria can be the cutest and most helpful bunch once equipped in the Accessory slot. They can attack, provide light to dark areas or at night, and more! 

It’s unusual to have Pet Summon items in evil biomes, but it’s possible! One of them is the Shadow Orb – Corruption‘s finest! Do you want one? We’ll help you get it. Read this easy guide to learn how to acquire the item fast!

Shadow Orb – Overview

This accessory is a pet item that radiates a dim purple light. It moves slowly, following the player, and can phase through solid objects and liquids smoothly. 

It’s possible to control the Shadow Orb if it’s behind you (although it’ll always teleport to catch up). Pressing the up and down keys lets the orb go in the respective direction, helping it traverse through obstacles.

Note that dyeing the accessory will change the color only. Not the light it emits. However, using the Twilight Dye will turn the Shadow Orb completely invisible.

How to Get a Shadow Orb?

To get the Pet Summon, you’ll need to travel to the Corruption biome first. Enter the Underground, and you’ll find a Shadow Orb hanging on chasms. Afterward, you’ll need to destroy the object, and you might get the accessory (20% chance).

Alternatively, you can break Defiled Crates or Corrupt Crates. To find one, start fishing in the same biome, and you might get lucky.

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