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General Information

The Snapthorn is a whip that pierces and damages multiple enemies, granting the Jungle Fury's buff (100% (desktop, mobile, console)) and inflicting the Poisoned debuff (20%) for 3s. The last enemy hit by the Snapthorn is targeted by summoned sentries and minions, amplified with +6ATK. A 40% damage reduction penalty is also applied to consecutive hits.

Minions with high attack speed like Vampire Frogs and Flinxes synergize well with the Snapthorn because of the bonus damage from tagging. The Snapthorn's Jungle Fury buff can also be used to juggle between whips like Durendal or Dark Harvest to reap their special properties.

Because of the Snapthorn'd high damage reduction penalty, it should be used in medium-scale combat contrary to the large waves most whips can handle.

The Snapthorn is best modified with Legendary to improve all stats.

Type: Weapon
Type of Weapon: Whip
Mode: Pre-Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Snapthorn


  • Easy to obtain.
  • Better damage versus early-game melee weapons.
  • Granted buff improves attack speed.
  • Inflicted debuff deals bonus damage.


  • Extremely weak knockback.
  • Short range.
  • 40% damage reduction penalty against multiple enemies.
  • Better whips exist for waves of enemies.

How to get the Snapthorn

At an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil, combine Stinger (15), Vine (3), and Jungle Spores (12) to create Snapthorn. It can be crafted as early as Pre-Hardmode.

Stats & Attributes of the Snapthorn

General Type: Summon Weapon
Damage value: 18 Health Points
Rarity: Orange
Knockback: 1.5
Sell-Value: 1 Gold Coin
Buy-Value: Not sold
Use Time: 30
Required Research: 1
Velocity: 8
Special Properties: Grants the Jungle’s Fury buff upon usage, increasing +12%ATKSPD for 3s. Inflicts the Poisoned debuff (20%), draining -6HP/s (desktop, mobile, console) -2HP/ s (3DS, old-gen consoles) for 3s. Afflicted enemies are restricted of health regeneration.

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