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General Information

The Rainbow Gun delivers what the user wants -- fire a deadly rainbow. This unique magic weapon creates a straight line that will curve downwards, lasting for 40s (desktop, mobile, console) / 10s (3DS, old-gen consoles) or once a new rainbow is fired.    During combat, the Rainbow Gun damages enemies 5x/s, making it ideal against segmented enemies or bosses, invasions, and other huge waves where single-targeting weapons usually fall short. The lasting knockback effect also effectively freezes enemies caught on the rainbow.   Using the Ruthless modifier is best for maximizing the Rainbow Gun's efficiency, as it benefits damage output the most. Stellar Tune and Staff of Earth also complement the Rainbow Gun by providing an increased critical strike chance.
Type: Weapon
Type of Weapon: Others
Mode: Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Rainbow Gun


  • Perfect for waves of enemies.
  • Deals uninterrupted damage against less mobile enemies.


  • Needs a lot of mana to use.
  • Unable to penetrate walls (completely) and tight spaces (low chance).

Stats & Attributes of the Rainbow Gun

General Type: Magic Weapon
Damage value: 45 Health Points
Rarity: Yellow
Knockback: 2.5 (desktop, mobile, console) / 2 (3DS, old-gen consoles)
Sell-Value: 20 Gold Coins
Buy-Value: Not sold
Critical Size: 4%
Use Time: 40
Required Research: 1
Velocity: 16
Special Properties: None

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