Terraria (Wiki): Laser Drill


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General Information

Mode: Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Laser Drill

Strength • Capable of producing a drill beam that extends up to 16 tiles in length. • Has the highest pickaxe power of any pickaxe or drill in the entire game at 230% • Useful when building structures because of its longer reach • When having an effect that increases mining range, the drill will extend longer, which will also increase its melee range • The tip of the drill produces a small amount of light. This can be used for finding objects and caves behind walls Weakness • Does not benefit from mining speed increases

Stats & Attributes of the Laser Drill

General Type: Melee Hardmode
Damage value: 35 Health Points
Knockback: 27485
Buy-Value: Not sold
Critical Size: 0,04

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