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In this page, you will learn everything about the Copper Shortsword. That includes how the weapon works, ways of obtaining, some useful tips and tricks for maximized efficiency, and more.

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General Information

The Copper Shortsword is a melee weapon that performs a short-ranged stabbing motion when used. It is an early-game metal shortsword and a counterpart of the Tin Shortsword.

A Copper Shortsword cannot autoswing. Its attack reaches two tiles in radius. At an optimal distance, the Copper Shortsword can pierce one enemy. However, multiple bodies will be damaged should they all line up for the player.

Despite being the weakest shortsword, the Copper Shortsword is a component of one of the strongest melee weapons in Terraria, the Zenith.

No light is emitted when using the Copper Shortsword. Its attacks also do not damage enemies behind a cover.

Variations of attacks exist depending on where Terraria is played. It can be in any direction (desktop, mobile, console) or locked horizontally (3DS, old-gen consoles). However, on 3DS versions, the Copper Shortsword exhibits unique autoswinging capability with an enhanced use time.

Because of the limited range of motion and use time, the Copper Shortsword is ineffective against highly-mobile land or air enemies. Nonetheless, the player can still survive most weak fighter enemies.

The material used for the Copper Shortsword is low-tier. Hence, the weapon is blessed with the least amount of damage output per second and suffers the slowest usage cooldown.

Since the Copper Shortsword is a melee weapon, using all Flask types will imbue their respective properties that will have different effects on enemies.

Legendary is the best modifier to apply to the Copper Shortsword for overall stats improvement.

Type: Weapon
Type of Weapon: Shortsword
Mode: Pre-Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Copper Shortsword


  • Extremely accessible.


  • Lowest damage potential.
  • Slowest usage cooldown.
  • Dispensable option.
  • Better weapons of the same class exist.

How to get the Copper Shortsword

At an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil, craft Copper Bar (5 (desktop, mobile, console) / 7 (3DS, old-gen consoles)) to create a Copper Shortsword. It can be crafted as early as Pre-Hardmode.

Notably, the Copper Shortsword is immediately available to the player upon creating a new character and a world in non-Journey (desktop, mobile, console, old-gen consoles). In 3DS, the player will instead receive a Wooden Sword. For new characters in Journey mode, an Iron Shortsword will be handed instead. Spawning with a Broken Copper Shortsword is possible, decreasing the weapon’s base damage by -3ATK.

Should the player lose the Copper Shortsword - an important crafting ingredient for the Zenith - the following methods can be done to make one:

  • Find Copper Ores in a new world. The drunk world seed contains both Copper and Tin.
  • The Shimmer can be used to transmute Tin Ores into Copper Ores.
  • A Chlorophyte Extractinator can also convert Tin Ores into Copper Ores (100%). However, Silt Blocks (2.23%), Slush Blocks (2.23%), and Desert Fossils (1.99%) may also be used to obtain Copper Ores (1-16).

Stats & Attributes of the Copper Shortsword

General Type: Melee Weapon
Damage value: 5 (desktop, mobile, console) / 7 (3DS, old-gen consoles) Health Points
Rarity: White
Knockback: 4
Sell-Value: 70 Copper Coins
Buy-Value: Not sold
Critical Size: 4%
Use Time: 13
Required Research: 1
Velocity: 4.2
Special Properties: None


ItemCrafting MaterialsCrafting Station
Zenith (desktop, mobile, console)• Copper Shortsword (1)
• Enchanted Sword (1)
• Bee Keeper (1)
• Starfury (1)
• Seedler (1)
• The Horseman’s Blade (1)
• Influx Waver (1)
• Star Wrath (1)
• Meowmere (1)
• Terra Blade (1)
Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil

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