How to mine Titanium in Terraria?


If you wish to know how to mine Titanium in Terraria, make sure to read this article. In this short guide, we’ll analyze Titanium Ore and various items you can make from it.

“How to mine Titanium in Terrararia?” is one of the most common questions we get from new players. This is a high-tier ore only available in Hardmode. It’s classified as 11th tier ore, and its counterpart is Adamantite ore.

The mineral can be used to create Titanium Bar. They are necessary for making Titanium Armor, Frost Armor, Forbidden Armor, and other top-tier items in Terraria.

Like with Adamantite Ore, you need 100 ore pieces to research the material. It’s an orange rarity mineral that you can acquire at the lower depths of the map.

How to mine Titanium in Terraria?

Mining the ore is basically the same as with Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, and Adamantite ores. First off, you need to kill the Wall of Flesh, thus spawning Crimson and Demon Altars. When you find altars, make sure to destroy them with a hammer of 80 or more hammer power. Third Crimson or Demon Altar spawns Adamantite or Titanium on the map.

Keep in mind that you can repeat the process several times, thus spawning even more Titanium and other top-tier ores. However, every subsequent set of altars will create less ore in the world.

If you’re wondering how to mine this resource Terraria, always remember that it appears only in the Cavern biome, at lava level. You need a pickaxe or drill with 150% power to extract the mineral. The material is even harder to spot than Adamantite Ore due to its dark gray color that can easily be confused with other resources.

Most players get Titanium Ore from the map by mining mineral veins. Unlike its Adamantite counterpart, you can’t get it from bosses, but you might find it in certain crates. You can sell Titanium Ore for 17 silver and Titanium Bars for 68 a piece.

How to use Titanium Ore?

Terraria players can use the mineral to make Titanstone Blocks, Titanium Bars, and Titanium Forge.

Titanium Blocks

The recipe requires:

  • Stone Block
  • Titanium Ore
  • Furnace

You can use Titanium Blocks to get a Titanstone Block Wall, a high-tier building material.

Titanium Forge and Titanium Bars

Before you can start making Titanium items, you need to smelt Titanium Ore into Titanium Bars. To do so, you need to build a new crafting station, Titanium Forge. Alternatively, you could also use Adamantite Forge for smelting Titanium Bars.

The recipe for Titanium Forge requires:

  • Hellforge
  • Titanium Ore (30 pieces required)
  • Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil

If you wish to create an Adamantite Forge, you just need to replace 30 Titanium Ore for 30 Adamantite Ore.

The recipe for Titanium Bars requires:

  • Titanium Ore (4 pieces required)
  • Titanium or Adamantite Forge

Titanium Gear and Tools

You can use Titanium Bars for all sorts of top-tier gear. Some of these weapons and armors can be further upgraded to become the best items in the game. Most notably, you can use Titanium Armor to create Dragon, Titan, and Spectral Armors. Here’s the list of items that require Titanium Bars:

  • Tonbogiri
  • Tizona
  • Vulcan Repeater
  • Lihzahrd Power Cell
  • Suspicious Looking Skull
  • Frost Helmet
  • Frost Leggings
  • Frost Breastplate
  • Forbidden Robes
  • Forbidden Treads
  • Forbidden Mask
  • Titanium Headgear
  • Titanium Leggings
  • Titanium Mask
  • Titanium Helmet
  • Titanium Breastplate
  • Titanium Drill
  • Titanium Pickaxe
  • Titanium Chainsaw
  • Titanium Trident
  • Titanium Waraxe
  • Titanium Repeater
  • Titanium Sword

All these weapons and armors are similar to Adamantite gear. The main difference is that Adamantite weapons are faster, while Titanium weapons are slower but with greater damage. Furthermore, Adamantite Armor gives you a different set bonus depending on the headgear, which is not the case with the Titanium set.

To create Titanium pieces, you’ll need Orichalcum or Mythril Anvil as a crafting station. When we access a new ore for the first time, we always prioritize pickaxes, which we would also recommend with this set.

Keep in mind that the list of available items varies based on the platform on which you’re playing Terraria. 

Titanium Armor

Titanium Armor has different effects depending on the platform. If you’re playing Terraria on an old-gen console, Windows phone, or 3DS, you’ll receive a Shadow Dodge buff after auto-attacks. This effect negates the next enemy attack. If you’re playing on other devices, Titanium Armor creates a Titanium Barrier around the user after every attack that lands on an opponent.

Going from Titanium Headgear to Titanium Mask or Titanium Helmet will not change the set bonus. However, each of the head guards provides a different individual bonus:

  • Titanium Headgear – 100 more mana, 7% increased magical critical strike chance, and 16% more magic damage
  • Titanium Mask – 9% more melee speed, 9% more melee damage, and 9% increased melee critical strike chance
  • Titanium Helmet  –  7% increased melee critical strike chance and 16% more ranged damage

These individual bonuses make it worthwhile to use Titanium Headgear (as a caster) or Titanium Helmet (as a ranged character). Of course, if you’re melee class, you’ll always go with a Titanium Mask.

Titanium Armor provides 30, 34, and 49 damage depending on the head guard.

Forbidden Armor

Forbidden Armor is a set that you can make with Titanium or Adamantite Bars and Forbidden Fragments. This is one of the highest-tier armors in the game, and it has the pink rarity. The unique thing about the Forbidden Armor is that it creates the Forbidden Sign behind the player.

This object provides a glow around the player, which is crucial during nighttime and in deep caverns. What’s more important is that it creates a dust tornado when you double-tap the down or up button. The spell costs 20 mana and does 20 damage to everyone hit by it.

The set gives 26 defense, 80 mana, 2 summoning slots, 35% more magic damage, and 15% summon damage.

Frost Armor

Frost Armor has the same Titanium Bar price as the Forbidden Armor. The main difference is that it uses Frost Core instead of Forbidden Fragments. Frost Armor enchants your attacks with frostbite or frostburn effects, depending on the platform. When you assemble the whole set, you also get an extra 10% melee and ranged damage.

Overall, you get 43 defense when you put on all the parts. Individual items also give 11% melee and ranged damage, 11% melee and ranged critical chance, 10% more melee attack speed, and 8% more movement speed.

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