All you need to know about the Frog Leg in Terarria


The Frog Leg is an extremely useful Pre-Hardmode accesory which boosts the jumping capabilities of the player. It can be combined with other accesories to create better ones such as the Amphibian Boots which are essential for fighting bosses.

General Info

Frog Leg

Frog Legs have a very small chance to be obtained while fishing in any body of water.

With 50% Fishing Power: 1/500 Chance (0.2%)

With 100% Fishing Power: 1/250 Chance (0.4%)

What Buffs does it provide?

The Frog Leg provides the player with the following buffs:

  • Increases the wearer’s jump speed by 48%
  • Increases falling distance by 15 blocks (40 in total)
  • The wearer will auto jump when the jump key is held

The buffs of the Frog Legs stack with other accesories, such as the Shiny Red Balloon.

Crafting Ingredients requiring Frog Legs

All of the following accesories can be crafted at a Tinkerer’s Workshop.

NameIngredientsOther Info
Amphibian Boots Sailfish Boots
Frog Leg
In addition to having the same buffs as the Frog Leg, the Amphibian Boots also buffs the player’s running speed up to a maximum of 30mph.
Frog FlipperFlipper
Frog Leg
Has the same buffs as the Frog Leg in addition to allowing the player to swim in water.
Frog WebbingTiger Climbing Gear
Frog Leg
Has the same buffs as the Frog Leg in addition to allowing the player to climb walls.

The Frog Flipper and the Frog Webbing can be combined at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft Frog Gear, which combines the buffs of both accesories while only taking up one accesory slot.

What can you pair it with?

The Frog Legs can be stacked with the following:

  • Any Wings
  • Jump height modifiers such as the Cloud in a Bottle and Shiny Red Balloon

For more information about pre-hardmode accesories, here is a handy guide.

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