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Terraria_Chlorophyte Saber

The Chlorophyte Saber is a Hardmode Ore Sword that fires a Spore Cloud every 0.47s (desktop, mobile, console) / 0.7s (3DS, old-gen consoles), traveling up to 11.12 tiles or 1.06s before slowing down and becoming translucent. The Spore Cloud pierces an infinite number of enemies, passes through walls, travels in a straight line, and deals 70% base damage (desktop, mobile, console) / same base damage with no knockback (3DS, old-gen consoles). The Chlorophyte Saber is considered the less powerful but faster sword than the Chlorophyte Claymore.

Since the Spore Cloud does not need ammunition or mana, the Chlorophyte Saber might be ideal against a group of enemies. However, during the projectile cooldown, switching to items, using Auto Select, and looking in another direction is impossible. In 3DS, old-gen consoles, recharging the Spore Cloud comes with a small particle effect and the sound for restoring mana.

The Chlorophyte Saber is best modified with Legendary for an overall stats increase. Specifically, the Spore Cloud projectile’s travel speed is increased, albeit not affecting the cooldown.

Type: Weapon
Type of Weapon: Saber
Mode: Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Chlorophyte Saber


  • High damage output.
  • Fast attack speed.
  • Better damage versus low-tier swords.
  • Great against waves of enemies.


  • Tricky to obtain.
  • Extremely weak knockback.

How to get the Chlorophyte Saber

At a Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil, craft Chlorophyte Bar (12) to create a Chlorophyte Saber. It can be crafted only after reaching Hardmode.

Stats & Attributes of the Chlorophyte Saber

General Type: Melee Weapon
Damage value: 57 (desktop, mobile, console) / 43 (3DS, old-gen consoles) Health Points
Rarity: Lime
Knockback: 4
Sell-Value: 5 Gold Coins & 52 Silver Coins
Buy-Value: Not sold
Critical Size: 4%
Use Time: 16 (desktop, mobile, console) / 17 (3DS, old-gen consoles)
Required Research: 1
Velocity: 8
Special Properties: None

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